Friday, November 6, 2015

I did nothing to deserve that.

FRIDAY IS HERE!  I have some random things to show you today.  ARE YOU STOKED?!

Thursday evening:  There go my friends.  Running away from me.  Which I'm totes okay with, since I had run that morning.  They were fun to watch.:)

I kept myself busy with my new coloring book.  I may have looked like a total nerd, but I was so relaxed.  I turned on some lovely tunes, and colored my lil' heart out.

Dinner was brought to us by GrubHub.  Sometimes we'll order a couple of pizzas for the group, or stop by Chipotle on the way to the brewery.  Harry had a hankerin' for BBQ, and where his palette goes, mine usually follows.  We ordered out from Pork Shoppe, a local BBQ joint that does just about everything *right* (in my expert BBQ opinion).

I ate:  Baked beans, mac n' cheese, a brisket taco, a steak sammich, and some chili.

I did nothing to deserve that.  Like, at all.  I'm not one to justify calories, but sometimes you just know that you're crossing the line.  I definitely grand jete'd right over that line, did a little dance, and sat my happy toosh on the other side of said line.

And I had two beers with all of that.

Yesterday morning was nice.  I got to watch "American Horror Story" that I had DVR'd the night before, sip on my coffee, and enjoy some of y'alls lovely bloggie words.  It's nice to have the morning off from training to just catch up on your day or week, know what I mean?

Classes throughout the day -----------> The Planksgiving Challenge continues!

Work husband makes the most awesome looking sammiches just about every single day. I have been super jealous of the kid for months now.

I told him last week that he should totes make me one.  He was all about it, apparently, because he brought me one yesterday.  And it was -- SERIOUSLY -- the best sammich I've ever had in my life.  I threw some brown rice in the mix for some good 'ole fashioned complex carbs.

Obama.  I got the cardboard cutout of our President because I had a ton of second graders that were in the tattle-telling phase.  Any time they come up to me to tell me that someone did something (not dangerous or offensive; something along the lines of "they turned around on their dot!"), I'll say something like "Oh, Ms. Greathouse doesn't want to hear about it, but President Obama does!".  A few of my Kinders really like telling him what's going on in their class.

Case-in-point:  This kiddo is having a full-on conversation with him.  I think he was telling him about how another kid in class was picking their nose.:)

Three of my favorite things this week =

Signing up for this birthday club.  Illinois/some CA/some AZ residents:  Have you ever been to Portillo's?  OMG @ The Chocolate Cake Shake!

In other news, the cold weather is going to take it's toll on my skin and hair very soon.  On top of being weather-trampled, I have to be smart about hair care due to training.  Although, I won't get that ball of sweat where my ponytail forms on my head.  Still.


Too soon?  Yeah, probably.  I just ran out of long-sleeved running shirts.

Do you have any co-workers or friends who bring extra tasty-looking meals to the office or work?

Anyone have any awesome plans this weekend?! 
-We get SOPHS!

Fave winter hair care products?  TELL ME, PLEASE!

Ever feel like you've crossed the line when it comes to eating?
-It happens.


  1. The holiday season is my favorite time to color :P I have these old kid christmas coloring books that I break out this time of year...SO FUN! And my 99 box of perfect Crayola crayons ;)

  2. Yay Sophs! Make the applesauce. And then eat cake. Perfect weekend right there.

  3. Let's go get a shake together next time you visit!

  4. I met someone, in St. Croix of all places, who used to work at Portillo's and gave me that cake recipe.

  5. My mom got me a coloring book that I'll pick up when I go to Brazil in January. For now, decorating my planners has been my therapy.
    I love how carefree kids.
    We rarely plan something for the weekend. It's our way to recover from the week.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I have seen those adult coloring books everywhere...and I want one! As a kid, I would LOVE to sit in a quiet corner and color until my crayons were nubs. Of course, I've always had a thing for all things art (and all things color).

    1. Grab one and take the time for it! You'll love it just as much.

  7. Ummmm...chocolate cake shake? How about just the chocolate cake. Damn. There's a Portillos right across the street from Lutheran General. My coworkers are ALWAYS bringing the cake back to the office.

    1. My sister-in-law had her baby there, and that's where I had my first chocolate cake shake! Bright idea: I'll go have one with you!

  8. Ummmm...chocolate cake shake? How about just the chocolate cake. Damn. There's a Portillos right across the street from Lutheran General. My coworkers are ALWAYS bringing the cake back to the office.

  9. Yay for #allthefood and that Obama cut out is hilarious- I love that the kiddos actually talk to him, so funny!

    1. I think it's pretty hilarious, too. At some point, though, they realize that when I ask if they want to speak to him about their problem, that their problem isn't really worth discussing. It teaches them about the value of their words.:)

  10. That meal looked delish! I work from home so not co-workers dishes here. I love that you were coloring, it is so relaxing!

  11. Ahhh! You're making me want to color again! I miss that a lot. :[

    I love the Ariel meme. So darn true! :P

  12. I love the Obama cutout. And I had NO idea about the Portillo's birthday cake!!!


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