Monday, November 9, 2015

We love to celebrate, and Four for Core!

Have I told you, Chicago...Have I mentioned...lately...that I <3 you?  You're so pretty, and no matter what kinds of lunatics roam the streets, or how often I may be surprised by someone's etiquette, I will always <3 you.  Sweet home.:)

Friday was technically National Nacho Day, but we celebrated on Saturday.  Sophs wanted nothing to do with it, so she had an Easy Mac.  She's simple like that.

Sunday morning brought the long run for the week.  After the half last week, I thought I'd dial it down a notch, both in pace and distance.  With 10 miles on the agenda, Harry suggested that I hit up the 606 Bloomingdale Trail.  I haven't run on it yet, and today seemed like the right day to introduce myself.

Nice to meet you, pretty trail!

It occurred to me at some point that it looked like I was wearing a swim cap during my run.  #oops  I also got a little lost coming home.  #doubleoops I knew where I was, but I had never run there before.  It's weird how that works -- you can drive there all you like, but it's like another planet when you're running there.

After a quick shower and taking 2.3 minutes to straighten my hair to where it looked halfway normal, we set off for Harry's niece's Baptism.  His other sister's son was totes a show-stopper.  High-fives and fist-bumps for all who crossed his path.  Sophia was enthralled by this, and simply couldn't stop enabling him.


Neither could I.

Reception with SO MUCH FOOD after the ceremony.  I was SO HAPPY when I saw that Harry's sister had brought my FAVORITE side dish -- her broccoli salad.  I'm serious right now:  I'd eat this stuff every single day of my life.  Harry's mom made a sweet little bag for me to take home.:)

We throw down for things like babies' birthdays and Baptisms.

Everyone is invited.

And everyone eats GOOD.

My plate -- I can explain.  After running 11 miles that morning, I had had a bowl of cereal and a banana.  It was now 3:30pm.  I was done with being polite.  You have to admit though, my plate is nicely portioned between pizza and the broc salad.

I still went back for seconds.

We were running out of time with Sophs and had to skip out on the cake -- which was enormous.  Harry and I decided that this was a ridiculous reason to miss out on cake, and decided to make it up with a visit to Josi's, our first in Lord knows how long.

I was um.  Excited.  To say the least.

In related news, it's time to focus on the core for a (long) while.  I was reading a few bloggies where they have seen consistent results in their training and racing results, and the primary cause for them was the implementation of corework within their training.  I'm spotty with keeping it regular, at best.

I found four for the core that anyone could easily incorporate into their training.  This is actually one of my favorite moves -------------------------- of all time.

In other news, today is Monday, friends.  We're all in this together, so here's some sound advice!

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

Are you getting stoked about Thanksgiving yet?!  Any fave dishes you're putting on the table?

Did you run long this past weekend?  What was it like?

Have you ever celebrated a "national" food day?
-Harry and I take some days seriously, such as National Doughnut Day, or World Nutella Day (for me, obvs).

Have you found a new trail or route to run or walk on lately?  Tell me about it!:)


  1. I haven't had fro-yo in too long - also, can I join your family, because I need pizza now.

    1. We have leftovers, I'm sure! And you're always welcome.:)

  2. As you know, Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE. So duh excited. Especially for my enchiladas :D
    Here's the big question: Jenis vs. broccoli dish vs nutella vs. burger. FIGHT
    Thank you for always be a positive and bright moment in my day. You truly are a brain hug in and of yourself.

    1. ....I can't with all of that. It's Monday...what are you doing to me, friend?!


  3. I already had my first Thanksgiving dinner, so I'm definitely getting excited for more! I always end up having about 4 different dinners with all the families and much food (and leftovers!!).

  4. Such a fun blog!! Love it! And love all your pics. I will make it a mission to get to Chicago one day :)
    Thanks for the reminder about core work! Definitely makes a difference!
    Meg x

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for your positive comment, new friend!

  5. Oh I TOTALLY agree! I might borrow that mindset and attitude and rock out one of my local faves that I haven't been to in quite a while!:)

  6. I've heard that trail is pretty awesome! How long is it?

  7. That's a really nice place to run.
    Close to my previous job, there's one by the river. It was great for jogging or simply going for a walk.

    Hey! That's indeed a lot of food.

    Have a fabulous day.


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