Wednesday, January 3, 2018

NYD5K, and five things I want to do in 2---0---1---8!

We all love a fresh start, and that's what a new year feels like.  

For no real reason at all, mind you.  Our "new year" could begin any day.  There's something so satisfying about committing to a new attitude about life and things we want to accomplish when it's on *page one of 365.*

With that said, I started off my 2018 with some solid work in -3*F for the New Year's Day 5K.

This was my third time to run this 5K.  You can't beat the price, and it starts at 11:00am.  This gives us a chance to bust out some New Year's Day miles, and then head over to Rev.

This is from my first time running it -- it was pretty much the same weather conditions this year.  Only about 100 people showed up.  It's saying a lot when my ~28:00 5K makes me 8th female overall.

While running in the cold is always favorable to running in the heat for me (and soooooo many others), at some point, it's very uncomfortable to run.  -something*F is pretty uncomfy.  I was pretty happy to see the finish line.

We didn't waste any time getting to the car after finishing the race.  Harry and I got back to the car, and then were off to scoop up our friend, Jennifer.  Jenn's a fellow Texan, but we met up here via running.  Running brings us all togetherrrrr!<3  Here's a shot of us from 2016 NYD5K.

As per mine and Harry's NYD tradition, we were off to Revolution brewpub for good food, good beer, and good convo.

My usual Breakfastman Burger with home fries.  Heaven.

Needless to say, the rest of the day was pretty chill.  Talk about starting off the new year on the right foot.
Let's talk about some very generic goals for the year real quick.  I have five overall things that I want to accomplish this year, now that I'm finally healthy and heading into the new year.  We'll get into more specific stuff later.  I just can't wait for that.:)

1.  STAY UNINJURED.  I really mean it.  And the following things that I list will help facilitate how, but for real, this is my biggest priority this year.  And every year thereafter, for crying out loud.  

P.S. I don't even know where this boot is now.  And I'm going to keep it that way.

2.  Create and stick to specific training cycle plans.  As it stands, I'm in a microcycle that exists solely for getting me back to a state of volume.  What I have failed to do in the past is recognize and respect the rules of training, with direct relation to training cycles (periodization).  When building up to, and recovering from races, it's key to vary your training intensity.  Different distances call for different training routines.  There really aren't THAT many differences, but what is important is to respect your body and allow for volume,  intensity, and recovery in timely manners.  

I will not be running a marathon this year, but I have several half marathons all set.  I am looking forward to finding a marathon next year!  You can check out my current racing calendar here!  

3.  Eat like I mean it.  I enjoy food soooooooo very much.  Just like my training, I need to eat in cycles that makes sense to my body.  It needs fuel, not a LOT of pizza.:P  Stricter eating won't happen for a bit, but I'm definitely going to be mindful of adding veggies to my regular diet.

This deliciousness was from Shalane's new cookbook, Run Fast, Eat Slow.  I'm going to do a review of the book sooner or later.:)

Alllllsoooooo, she RT'd me the other day, and it made my life.

4.  PR.  PR, PR, PR.  It's going to take A LOT of work to PR 8K, 10K, and a half this year.  I'm down for the challenge.  To be honest, a 5K PR scares me too much to try for it; I had marathon training mileage going on the last time I PR'd my 5K (22:54).  I would like to try for that next year.

(This picture isn't even from a race where I PR'd -- it's probably the only decent race picture [where I don't look like I'm about to sneeze, or 11 seconds from death] I have of myself.)

5.  OMG RIDE MY BIKE.  I have a VERY nice bike!  It's SO PRETTY!  Lola deserves to be ridden!  Whether it's outside or on the trainer, I'm hopping on my beautiful investment a lot more this year.  She and I already shook on it.

SO YEAH.  That's all I've got for right now!  I'm still on winter break, and we go back to school on Monday.  I've enjoyed the downtime, and am started to get the house and my life together today.  Or I'll just keep watching "Jersey Shore" on Hulu and do all of that tomorrow.  We'll seeeeeeeee.


How did you start off your 2018?

What's one generic goal you have for this year?


  1. Great job racing in this cold AF weather! I suppose our "mild winter" prediction is out the window now? All the best with those goals!

    1. Thank you, heart! I think our mild winter is on its way now. It just needed to get something out of its system first.:P

  2. Get back to working out regularly. Not just cardio, too!
    Also... when do I get to see you? Text me!


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