Monday, December 11, 2017

Going to the movies in PJs.

Hey, friend!  I'm still working on my St. Jude Half Marathon race report; I'll get it to you tomorrow!  Spoiler alert:  It was fun!
I have some Windy updates: 

She loves running in the snow.


She broke her weekly and long run distance PR this week ------> 18.12 miles, with 7.44 miles for our long run!  Honestly, when we first got Windy, I didn't know that she'd make it past intermediate distances; three to four milers was all I figured she'd accompany me on.  She is well on her way to rocking real long runs with me, with double-digits in the near future!

Also, apparently she likes to cool down in the snow, too.

A shot from our run on Sunday.  It was pretty cold, but so gorgeous out!

Harry had something fun planned for us yesterday -- 12 hours of Christmas movies at the theater around the corner from us!  Sophs and I decided that it going to watch Christmas movies in our PJs was the right thing to do.

A few hours later, I had to drop her off with her Mom.  Sophia has always ridden in the backseat, and I noticed that she'll hop in the front seat of her Mom's car.  Since it was just her and I, I asked her if she wanted to sit with me up front. 

And then I had to document the occasion.:)

I hit up TJs after dropping off Sophia.  I only realized in October that they make holiday-related dog treats.  We'll see how Windy likes her gingerbread men cookies this month.

My bulletin board at school.  I will never, ever stop being a dork in this department!  Yes, I am a P.E. Teacher, and I don't really get a ton of evidence/work to show (though I do have my *FITNESSGRAM* board that I've made to look like INSTAGRAM, and I take pictures and throw on filters of my students rocking out their fitness testing).  I still decorate because it's funsies.

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 3.2 miles
Wednesday - 3.18 miles
Thursday - REST
Friday - REST
Saturday - 4.3 miles
Sunday - 7.44 miles

18.12 miles total for both Windy and I.  I gave myself some extra rest, after having my longest run of the year in the previous week.  I'll make it back over 20 miles this week.
Do you have any life updates to tell me about?

If you celebrate the Christmas season, do you have your tree and lights up?
--We just put everything up this past weekend!

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  1. I love me a onesie, but as someone who drinks lots of fluids and is also pregnant, I have the same issues with them that I do with bib-style ski pants and rompers. #alwayshavetopee


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