Sunday, January 15, 2017

My goal for today, and NO SNOW DAYS FOR RUNNERS

Day two of a three-day weekend, and I'm a little under the weather.  I'm still *SUFFERING* (lol) from those sniffles and some congestion.

So this is my goal for today:

Nope, not kidding. I'm staying in bed as long as I can today.  I actually planned this two days ago, gave Harry the heads up and everything.  I've got you guys to keep me company (stalking blogs), a few books, and The X-Files to entertain myself.:)

P.S. I'm going to see Dr. Chin, the Podiatrist at The Running Institute, tomorrow morning.  Please keep your fingers crossed that it's a super happy appointment!<3
Did you see this article from the Washington Post?  This kid is my new hero!

All to avoid the 'mill!  YUS!

THAT is dedication!  Way to go, dude!
What's your go-to when you've got a little cold or sinus stuff going on?  Soup?  Medicine?
-I'm all about rest and chicken noodle soup.

Are you doing anything awesome today?  What's your goal?

Do you run in the snow/ice?  
-I HAVE and WILL, but it depends on my workout for the day.  I ain't doing speedwork in all that.:P


  1. Fingers crossed! Also, any news about the pup?

    1. Thank you, friend -- same to YOU!

      No news yet! You'll be the second person I tell the news to, promise.

  2. Replies
    1. Anything to avoid that 'mill! And yes, your pictures are always SO fantastic!

  3. I try to stay off the ice ... but the temperature doesn't bother me too much! ;) happy resting!

  4. I had not seen that article about the runner shoveling the track. That is something my friends and I might do! Hope you are feeling better

    1. I'll come and help you, when I can feel my face, that is.:)


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