Monday, July 11, 2016

Well that does it, we have SOPHS, and OUR FIRST ANNI!

Let's get the yucky news out of the way here.  I know, I'm such a Monday bummer!

No matter how much I've been doing this...

I have ended up here (not that I'm complaining THAT much).

I started getting some mad pain in my left heel about two weeks ago.  I knew that I was in big trouble when I was teaching my Yoga class on Saturday morning, after an easy five-miler.  I instructed my patrons to face right in Warrior 2, and the pain in my left heel took my breath away.  I've woken up for the past week and a half or so with sharp, hobbling pain in my heel, and I honestly thought I could stretch and roll any which way to take care of it.

That pose causing pain did it for me, though.  I literally said out loud "Well, that does it...".  The dreaded Plantar Fasciitis.


I made the decision to take off of running for a week or two, and honestly, I needed swimming and cycling in my life much more than it's minor presence.  Here's hoping that that's all the time that I need, but I ain't scared to take more time off if necessary.

My new schedule:
Sunday - Swimming - 60 minutes
Monday - Cycling/Spinning - 45-60 minutes; Yoga
Tuesday - Swimming - 60 minutes
Wednesday - Cycling/Spinning - 45-60 minutes; Conditioning at the Track
Thursday - REST
Friday - Swimming - 60 minutes; Yoga
Saturday - Teaching Group Exercise (this is, more or less, more Yoga and stretching in demonstration)

Now this may change, but I'm pretty sure that this will be the deal for the next while.
Let's talk about something happy food.  I scored big time at Costco the other day, and just know that this bag will get utterly attacked over the next few days that Sophs is with us.  She L-O-V-E-S this stuff.

And speaking of which, Sophs and I busted out the Skookie pans Saturday night for a dessert that speaks to our hearts and taste buds.

And enjoyed them in front of the best Vines ever --------> THE EH BEE FAMILY.

I hit up the pool Sunday morning to get extra wrinkly.  Chlorine therapy?

Afterward, we hit the streets to meet up with some family at Burger Fest!  

Two buses and three growling tummies later, we arrived, READ TO EAT.  The weather was absolutely awesome (80*F in July. We found fam and got to eating right away.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh tada!  Double-cheeseburgers and CHEESY TOTS <~~~~~ get them NOW.

Apparently, Sophia was not full -- she went back for deep-fried Oreos.

There was one burger spot that had a line that was SO LONG; it took about thirty minutes to get a burger from this place.  I liked how they branded the tops of their burgers!

One of Harry's relatives [are you ready for this?  Harry's uncle's sister-in-law -- I don't know what to do call her?!  Other than lovely:) had purchased one of these guys.  Harry and I couldn't resist.  A (virgin) Pina Colada on a warm summer day?  In a pineapple?  WITH AN UMBRELLA?  Yes.

 Fun was had by all.

We got home in the early afternoon and  Sophs seemed to be having a day (turns out -- yes), had a lovely dinner, and hit the sheets.  Yup -- pretty exciting, ha.:)

That's right --------!  It's mine and Harry's very first anniversary!  One year ago today, we got hitched in Puerto Rico.  It was a really great time.

We'll definitely be celebrating today with anyone else...with free Slurpees from 7-Eleven.  Celebrate with us!:)

Have you ever had Plantar Fasciitis?  What did you do to heal that heel/footsie?

What are some fun fests going on in your town?

GO GET A SLURPEE!  It's on me.:)


    BOO to PF. That is such a bummer. Hopefully it goes away now that you are resting it. But at least on Saturday morning you can torture the boys and not be jumping around. And basically this weekend was the stuff of your foodie dreams, huh?


      Yes, that's very true about the group exercise! Foodie dreams...that's probably the best way to put it. :D

  2. Burger fest? Yes please! Wow Sophs has grown SO much. Time flies. Knock wood, no personal experience with PF but fingers and toes crossed yours goes away pronto. What does this mean for RnRCHI??

    1. RIGHT? I was just thinking about how big she's getting!

      RNRChi = I was planning on running the 10K anyway; we'll see if a week off helps make that even happen.:)


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