Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Mondayest Tuesday Ever, and Empowerment (the good kind!)

Strike a pose on the Mondayest Tuesday ever.  And yup -- sunglasses at 5:00am.

P.S.  (Ridiculous:  Who begins a post with a P.S.?) Those sunglasses serve two purposes:  Keeping the sun out of my eyes/more bearable, and keeping bugs out of my eyes/trapping bugs under them, causing me to go into a chaotic fit to pause my Garmin and fling the glasses over my head.

P.P.S.  (And the ridiculousness continues...) When you're sweaty, bugs stick to your skin.:(

I grabbed some toast with jelly, a sunny-side up egg with two egg whites, and a banana for breaky.  BROTEIN AND FAT, baby!

Sophia's favorite bird is the Cardinal.  I thought I had found one this morning, and since I'm not a bird expert, I'll leave this one open to discussion ------- yay or nay?

Either way, the nine year-old totally bought it and loved the picture.

Warm-up of the day = "Meet in the Middle", where I tell the students to run to the middle of the court to their partner (on the opposite side), and they do an action each time I tell them to go.  It can be a build-up game, too.  I think at one point, the students had built up to:  Meet your partner in the middle,  slap five, slap five, elbow, elbow, knee, knee, foot, foot, talk like a pirate (most of them go "ARRRR!"), spin once, do five push-ups, do a silly handshake, 10 jumping jacks, then run back to your line.

*blink*  They love it.

After school, I had to hit up the super regional track meet for our networks.  I SWEAR that the Heavens opened on our track meets for the past two weeks.  We finally got all of our events done last night ------> RELIEF.

It was seriously a long day, that ended up with me being getting home around 8:00pm.  Harry had plans with friends, so I had the house to myself when I got home.  I ended up having the same breaky for dinner -- I just love eggggggs.
So this week's WORD is "EMPOWER", which is a wonderful little prompt for me.

Deb Runs

Two things come to mind when I hear/read the word "Empower".  The "lifting up of others", giving allowance or warranting type of empowerment; I feel like is almost akin to women's rights.  The claiming of rights and taking control, creating self-actualization, and more legal encouragement is particularly infamous for women in the last century; kind of a big deal in women's history.  I feel like it's from this definition/expression where women's empowerment and feminism created an idea -----> we can do hard things, too!  Women's rights ('cuse me, though...ALL human's rights) had a long-time coming.  I believe that our attitudes have become more progressive since going from demanding to be able to vote, being able to make choices with our bodies, to demanding equal pay.  There's a ton more that we had to work for, but we'll keep it to "legal" challenges for now.  Before and in-between those times, we keep proving that we are strong; that we empower one another with words and actions of enabling.

Empower -- It's sort of the idea behind women's racing as of late (I.e. Esprit de She, ZOOMA, any "Diva Dash" or Disney Princess, etc.).  These types of races, while some may roll their eyes at, are really fun and create a different sense of competition; a "we're all in this together" type of attitude.  You should definitely try one some time.

The other/my idea of empowerment is of the self = what God gives me.  Empowerment, to me, is synonymous with strength, but it's something that's given, rather than intrinsically built.  He gives me everything I need, to do all of the hard things, all of the easy things, and to have a happy, strong life!:)

All of this talk about positive, uplifting things ---- I have some good mental fuel for speedwork!

Y'all have a blessed Wednesday.:)
Does someone or something empower you?

Have you ever run a women's only race?  Which one?
I have raced the Esprit de She triathlon and Chicago ZOOMA half marathon.

Running in the rain:  Thumbs up or thumbs down?
I'm okay with it, as long as there isn't any lighting.


  1. I like running in the rain if it's warm -- not so much if it's chilly.

    I've done one ZOOMA race & wasn't particularly blown away by it but that was because it was another hot race that ran out of water at one aid station, cups at another.

    We have a large women only 5k Saturday; that one is always fun (though super crowded).

  2. Running empowers me! Now if my leg would stop being a little bitch, that would be lovely. because I need to get empowered, dammit.

  3. I cannot run with any kind of glasses on. I get a terrible headache from them. Don't ask me why. I'm sure I'll pay the price someday..LOL!

    I ran that Zooma half a few years ago and talk about empowerment---I was dying from the heat. One of my friends came back and ran that race with me, making sure I got to the finish line. I will never forget that as long as I live.

  4. I ran the Annapolis ZOOMA Half last year and it was hilly, hot, and humid! I think they had similar hot and humid conditions today, too.

    My marathon PR was in the pouring rain for the whole race, so yeah, I do just fine in the rain. I agree with you, though, I'm not running if there's lightening anywhere around.

    Thanks for linking up!


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