Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Seven things I'm stoked about! (Also, heyyyyyyyyy:)

Well this is awkward...

So I know that it's been a while (in true fashion, I'm too lazy to look at the last post I created on this here bloggie for reference), and for that, I am so sorry.  For sure what happened:  1.) My training slowed down to a minimal existence (we'll talk about that in a minute); 2.) I began focusing on work *BIG TIME* -- I'm pretty sure my Principals went from "She's awesome" to "She can stay here forever...";) 3.) Thusly, I haven't had much to blog about for you.:(


This has given me a lot of time to shift back into priority land, reflect, and have a few revelations.

I've still been following you and reading all about your wonderful lives (how many preggos are out there now?!) and awesome training.  Just bear with me as I make my return, yeah?

1.)  SCHOOL IS OUT for Chicago Public School kiddos, teachers, and staff on June 21st  I know -- that's later than most!  But to be fair, we started the day after Labor Day.  I'm not sure which I would prefer:  Going back earlier, say mid-August, or later, second week of September.

Nah, that's a lie.  I'd rather start earlier.

2.)  Just a month after school lets out will bring the event that I look forward to every four years!  SUMMER OLYMPICS!  

I guess I'm into countdowns lately.

That lockscreen though.

(Yeah, that's what time I get up -- *le sigh*)

3.) Two things happen on June 4th that I'm stoked about -- here's one:

4.)  My training has been pretty spot-on for the past two weeks.  The reason for inconsistency is seriously something I'm going to have to discuss later -- after I find a therapist and lay on their couch for a while.  Things that I've considered:

  • After a year and a half of worrying (I've gone over this before), I feel like I was D-O-N-E with obligation.
  • Self-sabotage?!
  • I entered into a cycle of overtraining, long ago, when I felt like I had to worry about exams and monetary needs over training.  It was disguised?!
  • I got lazy.  <<<< Occam's Razor, eat your heart out.

5.)  This one is a twofer!  

Getting on Lola was AMAZING.COM yesterday!  Harry and I dropped Sophs off and hit up a nearby trail.  There isn't much shade...like at all...it looks like this for 99% of the time --


And seriously?  I never would've thought that I'd find a Dickey's BBQ in Illinois.  I used to stop at Dickey's after a long run or ride when I lived in Texas.  A pulled-pork sammich, some 'slaw, and a root beer seriously hit the spot after ~18 miles on the bike.

6.)  I am still going to the /R/iver /R/unners track nights, but I have a new conditioning routine that I do instead of running with the crew.  I still get the best part of the night, without stressing over not really like running in the afternoon/evening (I think it's the worst!  I'm a 100% morning runner!).

7.)  I'm going back into teaching group exercise!  I will totally update you about this, but I'll be teaching Kickboxing + abs & Yoga.  I GET TO SEE SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL EVERY SINGLE TIME I TEACH, TOO.

 I'll share later ------------ promise.

But really, have a happy Tuesday.  I hope you have an awesome one!

Did you do anything fun and/or fantastic for the long weekend?

Do you have any races coming up?



  1. Great idea to use the track time for conditioning. I'm a morning runner too!

    1. I dread the days when I have to run in the afternoon, especially during the summer. However, I think it made me a stronger runner when I was training for the Chicago Marathon in 2014.

      Or maybe I just dreamed that.:D



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