Wednesday, February 3, 2016

That First Mile (and some news!)

Oh, let me take you back to Monday evening.  Harry had to work late, and got home after I had eaten dinner.  He munched on some leftover pizza (which we always seem to have), and then had a BRIGHT IDEA ------------->  We haven't been to Josi's in FOREVER!

For the first time, I bet'cha can't tell which one was mine.

Up early after those sweet dreams for a shorty 3-miler.  Fueled guessed it.

AND THEN, I made the hilarious mistake of doing an assessment for the Boot Camp app I got the other day.  I totally do a review for it soon.:)

I didn't realize that three miles would've taken so much out of me, enough to exhaust me for two minutes of as many push-ups, sit-ups and squats I could do.  It's absolutely ridiculous how out of shape I am.

Off to school, and the weather got so very gloomy.  It was a perfect day for this.

Don't I appear to be so very balanced?  I'll probably have the same meal today, to be honest.  My throat's a little scratchtastic.

I got home a little late; I always seem to stick around when the girls have a basketball game, even though I'm not coaching them.  Instead, I took on the responsibility of coordinating all of the games for my Network for this season for a change...that's been a wild ride!

When I got home, I had the biggest craving for SALT --------- girlpartsdoingtheirthing.  SORRY, FELLAS.  The bad part is that I kind of finished off the bag of Harry's fave chips.  Er.  And it's always awkward when you accidentally took a picture with the flash on; I hardly ever use it.

Taco Tuesday ended up being takeout tacos.  They weren't pretty, so I didn't take a picture of them.:)

So here's the thing.  No matter if you're running a race, an event, a training run, a pace mile, or even (or especially) the first mile of the run after T2 in a tri, that first mile is sometimes rude, or even a liar liar, pants on fire.

Was it not already tough enough (some days WAY TOUGHER than others) for you to get up, get ready, lace up your shoes and start running?

(Yeah.  It was.  For real, pat yourself on the back.)

And now, the running gods have offered you this crummy mile.  You find yourself cursing yourself...cursing the weather...the apparel you put on...something...anything.  Before you know it, you're finally done with your first mile.  From this point, you have either gotten over how tough the first mile was, or you're still brooding in it.

Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you that the only way to enjoy your run is to HAVE A BETTER ATTITUDE/OUTLOOK.  No.  I know that I've been super cheery, and then head out for a run that ruined my world (not really, but I'll exaggerate if I want!), so I know for sure that "fake it 'til you make it" doesn't always work.  Not alone, anyway.

What WILL work is to embrace that first mile.  Embrace = hold on to it dearly = spend more time with it = GO SLOWER (physical advice here).  No matter how much of a big, fat fibber it is, that's where your intentions should lie with it.  Accept the fact that your run will go on past it, and the rest of your run will be nothing like it (mental advice).  Be willing to move on from that; don't let it wreck the rest of your beauty and peace; that's what you went out for, right?

Next time you're heading out, let that first mile be the first mile --- a big 'ole fibber that will NOT dictate the rest of your run.  Take it slow, let it be a jerk turkey, and then fall into the joy you went out for.

Today is not about the timing, technique or endurance. Just enjoy your Saturday run #triathlon #running

As far as BIG, AWESOME NEWS ------ I got a terrific e-mail yesterday, letting me know that I was chosen to be part of the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon #RockNBlog Team for 2016!  I am SO STOKED to be part of a fantastic crew!


I got a welcome video!

And along with some REALLY FANTASTIC Twitter followers, THIS ONE was pretty cool!:)

Oh yeah, follow me here, if you like.

What's your favorite meal on super cloudy, yucky days?

Do you embrace your first mile for what it is? 

Do you have advice for new runners regarding that first mile?


  1. Hooray for Rock N Blog! I want you to run every race in a mohawk. A purple glittered mohawk.

  2. I love mac and cheese (my homemade delish recipe) on a cold crappy day. We had it last night. With wine. It was perfection.

    Congrats on RNR!

  3. YAY! There's my partner Chi-town Rocknblogger! So great to have you aboard!!!

  4. So cool! Congrats! (love the advice about the first mile, too!)

  5. Congratulations! That's really exciting! And I love that quote by Lopez Lomong..he's kind of my hero after reading his book. So inspiring!

  6. Ugh yes, that first mile is always THE WORST! Especially in the winter when you're not warmed up yet. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who hates it! And congrats on making Team Rock N Blog!


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