Monday, February 1, 2016

Running Always Lifts Me Up, and other marvelous things

HEY!  Happy February!  

Here's just a few (hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) things from our weekend to throw in some Marvelous for your Monday.<3

So I posted this picture on last Friday's post.  I was D-O-N-E with last week, physically and mentally exhausted, and the only way I could illustrate that was to post this photo.

Turns out, I'm not that original.

I know.  I'm just as shocked as you are.


Saturday morning = my longest run of 2016 (hah).  Can you say "GORG"?

I realized that I still had the timing loop on my shoe from the Rock 'N' Roll Arizona 10K.  I haven't had to place one of those thingies on my shoe in I don't know how long, so I guess it's only natural that I just plumb forgot about it.

Two songs came on that rocked my freaking world.

8.16 miles -- my longest in a while, without injury or being sick.:)

When I got home, I couldn't warm up for anything.  I had some breaky (toast and eggs and a 'naner), and took a shower-steam-bath combo.<3 <3 <3 <3 <3  Harry came home from his long run with something special for me.

But not really.  That's his breaky and coffee.

Some (very) random cleanup around the house = tea kettle, humidifier water thingy, one of Harry's hats, and my cycling shoes.  They needed a scrub.  In the dishwasher.

This was us for the rest of the afternoon --------------> pulling the ottoman in front of the couch, snuggling up, and cue Netflix.  We dug into "Sense 8".  We only watched the first episode, but it was intense!  Check it out.

Dinner was with some kinfolk at BRGRBELLY, one of our favorite neighborhood spots.

They always give you a yummy cookie to devour with your burger, like a little treat on a job well-done.  I noticed that my cookie was kind of small...and sad.  The cookies used to be a little bigger, I swear!  I whined a little, and Dave, Harry's cousin's boyfriend, gave me his.  Maybe he really didn't want his.

Or he just wanted me to quit whining about it.

Afterward, we stopped at the little tea shop nearby.  Harry adores tea, and this place will hook you up with any style and flavor you can think of.  It's definitely on his list of happy places.

Sunday morning brought on some procrastination and coffee.  I had a few things to work on, had my day set out, and it included a run somewhere in there.  Harry was going over to Fearless Leader Greg and Solemate Steph's house for some home-brewing; I was going to meet up with them later.

I ended up moving my run and errands to early afternoon, heading out to a trail in the 'burbs.  I like this trail, as it's a very clear out-and-back, but the power lines are a bummer.

It was 50*F and pretty breezy, but why not shorts?!  Well, two sad reasons:  I'm pale as a ghost, and I hadn't shaved in a couple of days.  Yeah, TIM, sorry.

Off to TJ's for some necessities.

 And then off to have some Sunday margaritas with Stephanie.  It was my idea to get the pitcher, which I'd regret just a bit later.

It was Steph's idea to get the guac.  We split the bill, but I'm pretty sure I ate wayyyyyy more than she did.

Three or so margaritas later, we met up with Greg and Harry at the bar they mosey'd over to after they were done brewing.  They all wanted to play pool; I warned them that I wasn't great at it.  Greg and Steph won both games, to say the least.:D

The rest was pretty much history for the evening.  I got into bed early, and now here I sit, typing to you marvelous people.

SOME TRUTH before you leave (Source:  Runner's World)

Happy new week, happy new month!:)
Do you have any awesomely amazing plans for the next 29 days (THAT'S RIGHT -- LEAP YEAR!)?

Favorite kind of burger?
-I ask the dumbest questions sometimes.

When was your last race? 

FOLLOW-UP:  Are you looking forward to another one soon?


  1. My trail has power lines too. I like to think they give me a power boost! :p

  2. Chips guac and a pitcher of 'ritas? Yes. Yes, please.

  3. Dishwashers are the best way to clean shoes. Period.

  4. That burger looks incredible! And I have never cleaned shoes in the dishwasher. You are really resourceful. Hm... For the next 29 days, my amazing plans are, 'Blog a lot. Run. Pray. Eat good food. Enjoy my family.' I guess that doesn't sound super awesome, but I love calm and simple at this time of year.


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