Tuesday, February 16, 2016

She Forgave Me.

HEY!  How are you on this Tuesday?!

I'm pretty solid today, seriously.  I've got a run to go out on here in a minute, but I wanted to check in with you first.

I hopped on Lola yesterday morning.  FACT:  I haven't even put her on the trainer yet.  That's either a testimony to how long it's been since I've ridden her, or ...well...nope, that's it.  I'm lucky, though -- she forgave me.:)  I've been severely lazy when it comes to getting on either one of my bikes, and sometimes it's a better workout than the spin bike (and more convenient when you don't want to drive across town to the gym).

 Plus, I got to watch "House, M.D." on Netflix.

Before doing that, I had to switch over the skewer to be able to throw her on the trainer.  Believe it or not, this was after I had washed my hands twice.  Cycling = you gotta be willing to get dirty.

Speaking of lazy, I didn't feel like moving around any furniture in my living room, so Lola went in the first spot that I figured she'd fit.  (That's our front door.)  I couldn't find my front tire base, so I threw down one of my CSCS textbooks.

Random:  I should probably take that certification test soon.

If you have ever spent two seconds on the trainer, you know it can get boring.  Quickly.  Case in point:  I figured out that my hydration bottle will fit between my aerobars.

I know ------------>  Blogging gold right here.

I don't know how I made it past ten minutes, but an hour came faster than I thought it would.  Yaaaaaaay, House!

Harry had taken off to hop on a nearby treadmill, then came home with lunch.  I added my own avocado to my bowl from Chipotle.  Their guac messes with my tummy, for some reason.

A little while later, Harry treated me to a cup of his Blueberry Pie tea.  I have had a recent hankerin' for afternoon tea.  I think there's something so soothing and comfy-cozy about a cup of tea.

We got some "Sense 8" watching done, and then the Grammy's.  Oh, LL.<3

Look at what I got yesterday!

I'm ready to rock out some new kicks, so I'll leave you here.:)

Did you watch the Grammy's last night?  

Follow-up:  FAVE PART?

Have you neglected a piece of exercise or training equipment as of late?
------GO HUG IT, NOW.

Do you enjoy tea?  What kind is your favorite?


  1. The BB King tribute was AMAZING. Bonny Raitt is my "in your dreams" spirit animal.

  2. Which shoes did you get? Yes, I did watch the Grammy's but then got bored and went to bed. :-)


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