Monday, February 22, 2016

Mardi Gras Chaser 5K [Race and Weekend Recap]

Harry and I really know how to weekend!  We kicked things off with the Back on My Feet Mardi Gras Chaser 5 and 10K.  Because of some inconsistency in training (in which I'm totally covering in tomorrow's post), I opted for the 5K.  I was fine with picking up the pace for the event, but wasn't prepared for a PR.  Nonetheless, you can tell that it was a pretty fun place to be on a late Saturday morning.

If you don't know about the Back on My Feet organization, check out more information HERE. 
SIDE NOTE:  I rocked out my new LEGEND Compression socks.

We took a moment for the National Anthem, of course.<3

Harry was running the 10K, which started first.  This race was mostly on the Lakefront Trail, which can accommodate a ton of people, but it seemed to cause some traffic with the 10K and 5K runners and walkers.  There were a ton of EXTREMELY encouraging and motivating volunteers out on the course to help direct race and vehicle traffic, to point you in the right direction, and at a water station around mile 1.25.  Because it was an out-and-back course, this provided two essential water stops for both the 5 and 10K runners and walkers.

I finished up and was astonished at how many refreshments there were at the finish line.

Since I finished before Harry, I got to watch him finish out his 10K.  He got fancy for the event.

STAN'S DONUTS for post-race was probably the best idea EVER.

Wells Street Popcorn was next door to the donut shop, and Harry and I couldn't resist the wonderful smells coming from that place.  We got a couple of samples before deciding on our popcorn picks.

They seemed to really know what the people want/need.:)

We finished off the last couple of episodes of "Sense 8" (soooooooooo grateful that they're coming out with another seasons soon!) and munched on our delicious popcorn for the rest of the day.

Sunday was a bit more low-key.  Yup, even more low-key than Saturday.  Some walking around Target, where I found some of the cutest things ever.

And listening to my favorite Pastor, Max Lucado.  I'm so lucky -- I know him!  I used to attend his church in San Antonio.<3

Palermo (one of Harry's favorite soccer teams) was playing, so we picked up a couple of sandwiches from the Italian market and bundled up for a bit.  A nap soon happened for me after finishing my food; I think Prosciutto makes me sleepy.

And finally, to end a fantastic weekend, we hit up one of the best spots in our neighborhood, Community Tavern.  They offer $5.00 DELICIOUS, AMAZING, FANTASTIC burgers on Sunday evenings.  Yes...somehow....THIS is a $5.00 burger.

Thanks to our beautiful hostess for #MIMM!  Y'all have a gorgeous day!

Did you race this past weekend?  DEEEETS, please!

Do you enjoy flavored popcorns?

Do you wear compression socks while racing or regular training?
-I generally rock some socks while doing speedwork, and I'm all about wearing them for 5K-10K races.

Is anything exciting happening to you this week?  Please share!:)


  1. I've not heard of this race but I agree that some of the smaller races have the best post-race food and swag. Was it super windy? The wind didn't die down here til mid day Saturday.

    1. It was not super windy, for being right near the lakefront. It was a little windy, but not nearly as bad as Friday. :O

  2. I enjoy all types of popcorn! This was the "goal race" for our 10k training program. I love that it benefits the nonprofit. I MISS RUNNING ON THE LAKEFRONT. Sorry, had to get that out there.

    1. OH THAT'S NICE TO KNOW about the popcorn!<3 I saw the CES peeps out there and looked for you! And you'll be back, sooooooo soon.

  3. How on earth is that burger only $5! It looks amazing. Also, donuts <33

    1. I have no idea, but the place it's from is pretty swanky, and we live just around the corner from it. #WeRock

  4. Popcorn and Doughnuts after a race! Wow, thank God for the provision of all of that yummy food! I haven't done a Saturday race in forver!

    1. It was REALLY nice to get out there and have a day to sleep in right after it.:)


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