Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Runner's World, Circa 1976

Yesterday morning's spin class = kicked my trash.  Long climbs, long periods of fast runs out of the saddle, and THEN came the jumps and sprints.  It was a really good way to spend 45 minutes on a Monday morning.

Lunch = complex carbs + some fat and protein.  My favorite balance.:)

How many Cuties is one serving?  Three.  At least three.  Definitely at least three.

Did I show you guys Work Husband's new hover board?  He's 6.6" -------> that's a long way to fall.  But he's pretty good at it (now, bwaaahahahaa!).  I didn't bite it the first time I got on it, so that's a good sign that my core isn't completely out of whack.

But in all seriousness, it's been an amazing investment for him.  It's really going to take him places in our P.E. classes.

So Harry was looking through Runner's World magazine on his iPad the other day and came across a few pages from a 1976 print.  They were pretty entertaining.  I love knowing that there was a world such as this in running forty years ago.

I mean, forget about the illustrations, and focus on the RACE FEES.

I mean, wow.

Remember how we use to keep track of pace?  That's right.  A stopwatch.  AND ORDER FORMS.  Now that part isn't all that new to me, being a child of the 80s, but it's a reality check in terms of how far technology has come.  We're :thisclose: to having this very same stopwatch droned-in from Amazon (and what's hilarious is the idea that this watch might cost more now...!).  Bananaaaaas.

In other life news.

Are you a Runner's World subscriber?  How long have you been reading RW?

BOWIE FANS OUT THERE?  He seemed to have had the broadest spectrum of fans I've ever seen -- from people who knew his name and couldn't name one song, to people who saw every movie, knew every collaboration, every album, and blasted quotes all day yesterday.

All I know is that we lost a true...well...human.  This guy defined artistry.  He spoke words that were awkward, sexy, confusing, confident, and spacey.  He exuded boldness, embraced experimenting, longed for moving on, welcomed glee and allowed sadness.  He seemed to have been a pretty cool human.:)

Last COLD run or workout?  
-It's 16*F ("feels like 2*F) and there's fresh snow on the ground.  I'm doubling-up on layers this morning!


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about the hover board in PE. It's kind of opposing messages, right? But hey, whatever floats your... board.

  2. I am a RW subscriber. I don't remember subscribing but oh well. Sometimes I don't care for it because of some things that have been posted.

    I remember running races using ChronoTrack D-Tags.


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