Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hey, AZ!

Harry and I rode out Friday night from the Chi to Phoenix.  We had our traditional airport beer, and seriously, I'm not sure that our plane lands safely unless we have one.  I'm pretty superstitious

FACT:  Harry didn't start traveling until his late 20s/early 30s.  Actually, this trip is the furthest west he's ever been, and the first time he's ever been in the Mountain Time Zone.  I like it when he gets excited about traveling to new places.

I somehow always end up this close to the wing of the plane, a la Twilight Zone.

And I'm super thankful to Southwest Airlines for streaming live TV for free.  I got some HGTV watchin' done (on my phone at some point because my laptop battery died).

We landed, got to our hotel, and I pretty much crashed.  It was 11:00pm Chicago time, and that's about 1.5 hours past my bedtime.:P

We slept in Saturday morning, then hit the streets for a shakeout run.  The weather is SO gorgeous!  Sunshine and 40s?  Gimme!

My husband always finds the good spots near our hotel when we travel.  We decided on this joint that brews their own coffee in-house, and had a pretty amazing menu for breakfast.

He also makes fun of me for taking pictures.

Bet'cha can't guess what Harry and I got for breaky...!

This place was fun for the eyeballs -- lots of products and awesome decor at which to gaze.

About ten minutes later, our food arrived to our table!  Did you guess "Tiff got the salted-caramel waffles"?  You were right!

And "Harry got the bourbon french toast!" ----- YOU WERE RIGHT.

NBD if you didn't get it.  I'm kind of a wildcard at some point with food.  You know to always bet on Nutella if that's available, though.

Two quick showers later and we were off to the expo, where apparently Harry used his nickname.  Yeah, my bib says "Marathon" -- I got injured, remember?  So 10K for me!

Brooks had a HUGE SECTION of EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED!  I was like a kid in a candy store and spent the most time meandering through the sections of everything RnR AZ/Brooks.

Surprisingly, Harry and I got a tad hungry while at the Expo.  We opted for some healthy fuel...nah, not really.  Cafeteria burgers = comfort food.  Also, #hydrationNation -- Nuun and water, all day, since it's considerably dryer here, and traveling dehydrates me a tad.

Have you seen these?  They were packed in our race packets.  I'm still not sure about them...

We walked around Phoenix for a little while, then took the rail back to our hotel.  A nap was in order, plus all of the football was on yesterday.  

My cousin, who lives just north of here, came to pick us up to have a pre-race dinner with his family.  I feel so incredibly grateful to get to hang out with the kid and his kin!  I took one horrible picture of my food, but otherwise, my phone was put away; we were catching up A LOT.  Lucky for you guys (hahahahaha), I'm in a picture-snapping mood today.  

I have a not-so-far and not-so-fast thing to run in a couple of hours, so I'm gonna get my pre-race stuff going on.  Peace!

Have you ever had to bail or reduce the race distance of an event due to previous injury?

Do you ever put a nickname on your bib (if you have the option to)?  SHARE.:)

Do you like to travel for races, or do you prefer to stay local?


  1. I'm sure you're already done but hey, good luck! And just say no to those dill pickle cashews. As if cashews need any enhancing...

  2. I hope you had a great race! And I agree with Wendy on the cashews.

  3. I must try the dill pickle cashews. CONGRATS ON YOUR PR


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