Monday, January 25, 2016

Birthday things & nothing but the truth:

HEY!  Happy Monday, guys!  I'm going to recap mine and Harry's RnR AZ weekend tomorrow, so stay tuned.:)  Last Thursday was my birthday (what a weird day to have your birthday on -- it's not like you're even close to going out and about, and by the time the weekend comes, you've already forgotten about it!:)  I did get some amazing perks for my birthday, though.  Do you ever sign up for birthday treats?  These give you some!

If you're lucky enough to be in the Chicago area!

Work husband brought me some birthday donuts.  They went missing at a very alarming rate (side note:  I was a good work wife and shared).

Birthday tacos from another co-worker!  Yes, so far, my birthday presents have been food.  Keep going...

Some of my students totally stocked me up, as well.

And at one point, I began to wonder if my obsession with Nutella is too obvious...

One of my birthday presents from Harry -------> CHI CHI SHORTS!  Nothing better than sportin' the Chicago flag on your booty to show some city love!

And after a day of comically sugary, Harry honored my wishes of having an ice cream cake (it's all I really wanted!) for my day.  "It's What Happy Tastes Like" = nothing but the truth!

We picked up Sophs Saturday afternoon.  She decided on Red Robin for my birthday dinner, and you'll see why in a moment.  I haven't been to RR in forever and a day, and I didn't forget about my fave wrap.  And I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 their fries!

This.  All of this.  Between Harry, Sophia and I, it didn't stand a chance.

And we split a Black Cow just for giggles.

This was something I wasn't used to.  I asked our server if his job was done at this point...joking, of course.;)  Sohps was really stoked to show us how it worked by ordering our food and even picking up the tab.

Sunday?  Harry's Chili and football...

AND THE X-FILES!  Finally!

Was your weekend this marvelous?!  Time for me to go burn off some of the calories from these past few days.  KWIM?:)

Football fans:  CAROLINA OR DENVER?
-I'm all about Cam Newton getting a ring!

Do you get birthday perks?  TELL ME ABOUT THEM!

Are you an X-Files fan?  Did you watch last night?


  1. MAGICAL birthday weekend. MAGICAL. I'm glad that sufficient quantities of nutella and donuts were involved. It is weird to me with those kiosks. I ate a restaurant with one when I was in Atl with my mom, and I can see them as being helpful, but it is kind of a cop out. What happend to the day's of memorizing orders? When I was their age...

    1. YUH, it was strange to me, as well. I felt awkward with the waiter.:P

  2. That is my favorite meal at RR. Really, it's the only thing I order. Glad you had such a fabulous birthday.


  3. SO MUCH GOOD BIRTHDAY FOOD! Even though it's always cold for my Dec. birthday, I have asked for an ice cream cake every year since I could remember!! Always Carvel, obviously. Happy belated birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. And doughnuts are a GREAT birthday breakfast. :) I'm glad God made us to enjoy so many different foods.

    1. Thank you! I thank Him often...sometimes for food...

      ...okay, often for food.:)

  5. I love the fries at Red Robin too. So cool about the birthday perks. My favorite is the one from Starbucks. I did not know about Portillo's. Must sign up now.


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