Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Most Random Post You'll See Today

Hey, y'all!

I'm so sorry that I ignored you yesterday.  I was all --

But not really.  I just felt like I needed mental rest.  You know what that's like, I'm sure!


I managed to put some random things together for #TOLT, so here we go!

1.  School lunches aren't all that bad.  Sometimes.  At the very least, it was tasty.

2.  This was 80% of my day yesterday.  My Veteran's Day = chill, be thankful, watch "It's Always Sunny...".

3.  I DID go for a run, and treated myself to a run on the nearby trails.  It was kind of warm out (see below, number five).

From my Instagram! 

4.  Finally.  Am I right?

5.  Oh my gah @ This app.  I always love a new way to see things, and the weather should be funnier.

6.  Bestie Tommie Jo hand-typed three different delicious recipes (passed down from her Grandmother) that I'm going to try out this weekend.  

Hint:  One of them is PIE.:)


7.  The local grocery store has Brownie Wednesdays.  I really feel bad because I haven't taken more advantage of this, but here I am...with these scrumptious brownies...


8.  This was a REALLY tough quiz.  Give it a shot -- let me know how you do!

9.  Something not Christmas related (IT'S STILL TOO EARLY, GUYS!), and I'm totes behind...Suz will not be.

10.  Get out there and show this World what you got today, friends.:)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Be sure to comment -- It TOTALLY makes my day!

Do you have old, family recipes that you like to share?  I feel like I should make a post about this...

Fave Netflix binge show?
-"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Scrubs", "House", "The Office", the list goes on and on.

Did you take the Marathon quiz?  So many things I didn't know!

Have you treated yourself to a "mental rest" day lately?
If no, you really should at some point.:)


  1. I love trying new recipes and quite frankly my mom doesn't cook a lot of healthy stuff, so no, I don't really use her recipes (although I have tried a few). My MIL is not the greatest cook, although she did make a family cookbook -- which naturally I have not used, either.

    Envious of the warmth -- it's been rainy & raw here the last few days, but thankfully my race day last weekend was nice!

    1. Meh, I'm from Texas. Nothing passed down in my family is going to be healthy, either.:P

  2. OMG WHY MUST YOU PUT SNOW OUT THERE FOR THE WORLD TO HEAR. Now it will be wanting to snow and get cold. If it does, I'm taking away your brownie Wednesday privileges.

  3. NOOOOO SNOWWWWW! I'm with Susie.

    What is that weather app? I must have it! I thought I had ALL the weather apps!

  4. I totally hear ya about needing a mental break- I am there right now but have been too friggen busy to take one! I NEED to download that app- the weather here is pretty depressing in the late fall/winter and I could use a little cheering up! :)

    1. Word! I need a giggle when it comes to "dark and gloomy" weather.

  5. Lol! I'm one of those cowards that eat mild salsa -- I just can't handle anything stronger than that. And don't hate me for waiting for the snow to fall. I'm really craving a trip out to the mountains to do some snowboarding, and I need snow for that!

    1. Oh em gee, I just left a comment on your blog about how I've never done any snow sports. Looks like we have comment ESP.

  6. Brownie Wednesday?! I need to make that a thing at my house. Those brownies look so good. I love the frosted variety.

    1. It was like the densest brownie cake...of my life...I want to go back in time to when I was eating it.

  7. My mom actually worked for the school system cafeterias, and made the food schedules, and would purposely choose things I dug. I (most of the time) really didn't mind school lunch!

  8. I don't think I've ever done a "random"post...but I should. (yours was great!) I have a lot of "out there" thoughts/ideas...that the only thing they have in common is that they have NOTHING in common. Hmmmm.....that idea has merit. Thanks!!

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