Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spin friends, and SMAD.


My friend Loren text me over the weekend to see if I would meet up with her to work out Monday morning.  I told her that I usually spin on Mondays, and she was totes down to join me.  We caught up on all things school and life,  She used to teach at my school, so I got to fill her in on how some of her fave students were doing and such.

At one point, Loren had to jump off to go shower and get ready for her day.  At that point, "Eye of the Tiger" came on my phone (we were just spinning randomly to the "80s Cardio" Pandora station), and she jumped back on to sprint her heart out.  It was really the right thing to do!

Loren was spinning so fast, the camera couldn't catch her!

And seriously, I dare you not to rock the hell out of your workout when this song comes on.

I finished up my sesh and got ready for "work".:D

I dressed up as a fancy P.E. teacher today.  School's only open three days this week, so I figured I could dress up pretty for a couple of days.:)

LUNCH = one of my faves!  In fact, anything with sweet potato and guac is going to be my fave.

If you ever wondered what P.E. Teachers and Tech Coordinators do during lunch...

I had a vitamin C break in the early afternoon.

It was around this time that one of my friends in the school informed me that something Nutella-related existed, and I had NO clue.

THIS was brought to my attention yesterday.  I AM SO SAD MAD SMAD.  Harry and I were JUST THERE a couple of weeks ago!  Words like "HOW?" and "WHY?" come to mind at the moment, but I'm sure we'll visit it soon enough.  And I'll write the best post of my life about it, I'm sure.

And yet another example of how I'm such an eight year-old at heart.  We rocked out our bulletin board SO HARD.

This is the last of the broc salad that I got away with the other day.  I was sad to see it go...happy to taste it leave.

I hope you have an awesome Tuesday, friend.  It's pretty chilly outside, so I might bundle up a bit more for my run this morning.:)

Workout buddies:  Do you have one?  Some?  Many?  How often do y'all train together?

Truth:  Other than pizza, what's your fave kind of leftovers?
-I'm notorious with the Thanksgiving sammich -- IT IS MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME.  It's THIS GOOD.

Are you a Nutella fan?
-Please say "yes", BFF.

Any special projects that you're proud of from work or blogging?  TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!


  1. Give me all the Thanksgiving leftover. My enchiladas only get better with time. The worst leftovers are pre-dressed salads, french fries, and anything with bread. Growing up, all of our PE teachers wore polos tucked into shorts. Well, at least the ones in elementary did. As you got to junior high and high school, they had a bit more of a athleisure thing going on.

  2. I love pasta leftovers! I think the sauce improves the longer it sits on the pasta.

    And I love spin class. I wish there were freestanding classes--I can't seem to find one outside of a club. No fair!

    1. I really love being able to spin whenever I like. Sometimes a solo spin is better than a class.

  3. Soup leftovers are always great.
    The spin class looks fun!

  4. Soup leftovers are always great.
    The spin class looks fun!

  5. Best bulletin board award right there!


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