Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Some positive words for your Tuesday!

Just a couple of positive things for today -- because we all need short things in our lives sometimes!  Also?  This might be a tough week for you.  The next several weeks might be tough of you.  Let this post be your *BRAIN HUG*, and if that's not good enough, I'm always here for a real hug.


I keep THIS bookmarked on my phone!  Sometimes I need to stop myself from reacting, and check myself.  Reading some positive words helps remind me that the world will seriously NOT come crashing down on me if something isn't perfect, or just the way I thought it'd be, etc.

Some of my faves!

quotes to stay positive

encouraging quotes

quotes to live by

This one is going on a wall in my P.E. gym at some point.  I've been busy...doing...things...?

encouraging quotes

For something more specific, I found this article that gives me some different tools to use, no matter how big or small your suffering may seem.

If you need a giggle today, this might work...?

Is your hubby/guy/significant other fluent in Hungry Girl-ese?  Harry is.  Thanks to our immersion tactics.



Are you making something NEW this year for Thanksgiving?!  SHARE!

TRAVEL PLANS?  Leaving today?  Tomorrow?  Thanksgiving Day?
-Harry and I are leaving for Texas THIS AFTERNOON!  WOOOO!

TURKEY TROTTERS -- Distance of your race/event?  Do you have a goal?


  1. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing for dessert on Thursday. better figure that one out and QUICK

  2. Nothing new here on T'day. Lots of old favorites because my family would throw a hissy if something were different. 4 mile trot for me. Happy pace!

    1. Traditions pretty much rock. I'm horrible with change (though I'm trying to get better at loving it!), but I tried new things this year! I hope you had a blast at the Trot!

  3. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Love the F.A.I.L. quote- sooo true!



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