Monday, November 23, 2015

I changed four times this weekend, & something REALLY important about this week!

And by that, I mean into running clothes, and back into my PJs.  Twice.:)

I <3 me so much, I turned off my alarm for the weekend.  I am usually in such a hurry to get up and get my run done to beat the heat in the warm months, bot seriously, autumn/winter = I'm catching up on Zzzzzzzzzzs.

Friday evening into Saturday morning --------> We got about two inches of snow!<3  I had just a short-long (medium?!) run on the agenda, just seven to eight miles.  Thanks to an unexpected detour, it went from seven to eight; I clearly wasn't worried about it.

Side note:  Harry was bouncing between football (Cowboys game wasn't showing here) and soccer while I was typing this up.  Clearly I was bored.

FitApproach was all about me doing my thing in the snow!:)

I threw on the Rocky Pandora station while hitting the snowy streets.  It really made it way more fun, believe me.

One thing I really derp'd on was not throwing my hair into my usual bun.  A ponytail on a snowy/rainy/windy day, Tiffany?  Really?!  This is what I got to work with when I got home -- what appeared to be a rat's nest that took me 10 minutes to brush out...

...with the help of some of Sophia's detangler.  My hair smells like cotton candy now.:)

The snow kept on for a long time, and even kept us from hanging out with Miss Sophs this weekend. :(  Harry and I sulked practically all evening, enjoyed a couple of brews, some yummy chicken and veggies, and lounged.

Sunday morning = more sleeping in, more lounging.  I think somewhere around 11:00am, we decided to head out for first time in 24 hours.  We wanted lunch...we wanted to we ran to lunch.  A short, brisk, very slow run in the ice and snow called for some more aggressive trail running shoes.  I haven't really approached any trails in the Chicago area (like...they exist?), and this for sure was a fine opportunity to really try these out.

The North Face Ultra TRs = worked like a charm!

Some parts looked like this.  Ice, snow, cracks, bumps, slosh puddles, some clear parts...

But really, it was mostly like this.

Short and SLOW.  There was no room for any amount of speed; it was literally putting one delicate foot in front of the other.

All of that (lol) looking down, taking very careful steps, and stresses of regular Chicago street running was worth this.

And these.

But mostly this.

We hitched a bus ride home, but first -------------- a stop at the DD for some hot chocolate!


But really?  Enjoy yourself.  Make it about food, make it about family, make it about football, make it about friends, make it about HAPPY.  Worry not about the calories...they don't count on Thursday, anyway.:)

IMPORTANT QUESTION:  Are you traveling this week?  Do you have a far trip ahead of you?
-Harry and I are heading to my homeland tomorrow!  Yeehaw. <):)

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION:  Pie lovers -- What's your fave?

Snow/ice/winter runners - What's your go-to shoe in the winter?

ONE LAST IMPORTANT QUESTION:  Do you have family traditions for Thanksgiving?


  1. My run was slow and slippery yesterday! I hurt in places I never knew could hurt...

    1. Making those other muscles work only because we're trying to not fall down seems like a total sham. :\

  2. I put on yaktrax for winter runs. Not that I'll be doing much of that in the near future. And that burger kind of boggles my mind....

    1. I haven't tried those yet. What happens when you reach concrete?

      I'm scared of them. Haha.

  3. I'm desperately trying to avoid the snow for another week before I escape to CA for the winter! :o Major props to you! That food looks delicious. ;_; I should probably go eat some lunch!

  4. ooooh the Chicago weather this weekend kept me stuck in the house too not being able to go to my friendsgiving. I think it is supposed to melt by the end of the week though with the temps warming up...and by warm you know 40s :-)

  5. UHHMM, that burger though. I need it in my life. I FULLY plan on making SO MANY Post turkey day sandwiches, and what a fun twist on it!

  6. I think I would drive 7 hours to Chicago just for that burger! I am definitely a pie a person but I could never choose between apple and pumpkin.

  7. That burger looks delish!! You look like you are having so much fun in the snow....enjoy!

  8. I LOVE the DD salted caramel hot chocolate! Have you tried it?

    1. WHAT THE FRICK. I'm going to get some RIGHT NOW.

    2. I am in the mood for it now but too lazy to get it.


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