Monday, October 12, 2015

Solid Training, a Perfect Day, and Far Too Many Pics

So this past week has been pretty solid in the training realm.  I'm happy to be back to what feels like a really legit training cycle; perhaps it feels a little better since I decided to drop down to the half marathon for RnR Arizona.  I'm three months out and can already tell that I'm not in the right mindset for the marathon, let alone the training that comes with it.  I have more plans for next year, so I'll keep you updated in that department!<3

But enough about that.  Let's get #marvelous.

My training week went as such:

Monday - 45 minutes solo spin; 40 minutes of BOSU and strength training.

Tuesday - 3.01 easy miles

 Wednesday - 45 minutes of Yoga, 4.07 easy miles

Thursday - OFF

Friday - 4.11 easy miles

Saturday - 11.02 long run miles

Sunday - 3.00 recovery miles with Harry.

TOTAL - 25.21 miles
Let me backpedal to Saturday.  After the long run, I got some down time, a little nap, and some Ironman WC Kona watching done.

We hit up some friends' Autumn party later in the day.  We were told to bring blankets, and despite the 80*F weather that was happening Sunday during the marathon, it was a crisp 60*F when we head over to their house.

The Cubs were playing, and I had the best seat in the house.

They had decorated their yard with Fall essentials -- pumpkins and hay bales!

Grilled cheese sammich and homemade tomato-basil soup?  Yes.

 I inhaled a few s'mores...!

Sunday morning brought the most perfect day since the Chicago Marathon last year (when I actually ran it).  Coffee and race watching in bed...PERF.

TJ's pumpkin pancakes?  PERF.

A run through the park with my husband, both of us wearing our Chicago Marathon shirts from last year?  PERF.

We were both craving the savory, fresh, delicious sandwiches from a nearby Italian neighborhood shop.  Each slice of meat and cheese was freshly sliced from the block, and placed with care onto fresh baguette bread by a sweet little man that said "Graze".


I couldn't finish the whole thing, but I certainly tried.  Also, please ignore the state of my cuticles...the dry, cold weather is starting to take its toll on my skin and hair.

Believe it or not, I got a nap after this sammich.  Some football watching (Bears game, Cowboys game), and for the last hurrah, a brew and a scary movie with Harry, as he was taking a break from studying.

I MEAN, how perfect was this day?!  I couldn't think of one thing that would've made it better.

Maybe if ice cream had been involved.

But I digress.:)
*BRAIN HUG* -- With all of the commotion of watching several friends rock out their marathon on Sunday, and THIS was happening!

How was your weekend, friend?  Tell me one perfect thing you did!

Marriage on the race course:  Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Back to your weekend:  Did you try anything new?


  1. How did I miss the wedding on the race course? Thumbs up! I hope they have many happy miles together?

  2. The autumn party looks like so much fun!!! Sorry to hear about the marathon/half marathon. Hope everything is OK with you.

  3. I love the soup and sandwich idea for the autumn party! Need updates on RnR...

  4. I feel like we're twinsies in some ways. I, too, picked up a package of that pancake mix from TJs and I have a bottle of the same pumpkin beer sitting in my fridge. Love having all things pumpkin in the fall. Glad you had some great runs this week! You're totally right about marathon mindset--you really have to be in the right place to train for a marathon properly.


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