Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Training Talk Tuesday

Oh em gee.  I've officially gone into Half-Ironman distance training.  The Border Wars Half Distance Triathlon is October 4th!  I have done a decent amount of base-building, but I have much more consistency to look forward to in the following months.  

What I'm thinking about going into this training cycle:

*I've had plenty of "off season" following my last 'A' race (Chicago Marathon 2014).

*I have time goals for the race, but they'll be more solid after a couple of lead-up races.

*While the distance of the bike and the run (or more importantly, the run after the bike), they don't seem quite as daunting as they would have a couple of years ago without several races under my belt.

*GOAL TRAINING for the next three months - three running days, three cycling days, three swimming days, two Yoga days, two strength training days, one rest day (obviously morning and afternoon workouts).

*GOAL TRAINING past summer - I'll be lucky enough to have a brand new pool right next to my school, so I'l be stoked to get there early to bang out yardage.  This will be the quality/speedwork portion of training, so building a solid base will be key.

*Take advantage of the Teacher's Summer with all of this!

*Race often.

*Laugh even more often.

The training itself will be funsies.  I will be busy with three online courses and one vacation this summer, several races, and when I'm not doing all of that, I get to hang out with Harry.:)

It feels like I have a lot to do, but I'm getting really organized and quickly learning that prioritizing my emotions and avoiding freak-outs will be the easiest part if I stay that way.
Do you have an 'A' race this year?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!

What are you looking forward to this week?
-We have NINE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!  I'm looking forward to easy days with my students!:)

Random:  Favorite pair of shoes?  Running?  Casual?  Heels?  Flats?  What color are they?


  1. I already had my A race, so now I just want to be happy and healthy! BUT SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  2. I'm so excited to follow your training journey! I have always wanted to train for a half-ironman, or even a full, but with a full time job I've been nervous to take the plunge! My A race this year will be the NYCM in November. My favorite shoes are casual... Nike SkyHighs in white and gold leopard metallic. Definitely not subtle : )

    1. WOW -- NYC, baby! I'm happy to watch your training, as well!

      No joke, it is kind of scary, thinking about the amount of training that it will take -- it's like a part-time job.


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