Friday, June 12, 2015

Some Five Things Friday Action!

This week = OH MY GAH.  The title of this blog post could be "Freaking Out Friday", or "Frick It Friday", "Fast and Furious Friday", "Fabulously Freaky Friday," but I'm not going to bother fretting and focusing on the things that are stressing me out!  Instead, I'm going to throw down with the crew for Five POSITIVE Things Friday!

Also, I really like alliteration.

Thanks to these guys for hosting the link-up!  Eat, Pray, Run DC, You Signed Up for WHAT?!, and Mar on the Run! -- You guys rock my happy socks.


1.  Since the "OH MY GAH" week took over, my training went on the back burner.  I ran yesterday and felt SO GRATEFUL and thrilled!  It was only 63*F (can it be this way all summer long?) and I felt like I was flying.

Of all of the wonderful things running has given me, I think I appreciate the mood benefits the most.

From my Instagram --

2.  I got to participate in my first Chicago Teacher's Union rally this past week.  IT WAS BANANAS!  So much red!  We were 5K strong, marching through the streets of downtown Chicago.  

That tall guy right there is my work husband - Steve, the other Health/P.E. Teacher.  He's 6'6" -- needless to say, our sign was the tallest.

 3.  I'm having the biggest snack attacks of my life lately.  Is it training?  Stress?  Life?  Or just the endurance world?  Yeah, I shouldn't question it.

I'm super sad when food is gone.

4.  One thing I'm obsessed with that isn't food is EOS lip balm -- I can't get enough of it.  I feel like I apply it 10, 439 times a day.

5.  I have a tri on Sunday.  I haven't raced the three (four, really) disciplines in a couple of years, and while this is a Sprint distance tri, I feel severely under-trained.  Yeah, I know...I train and all, but I haven't practiced transitions.  Like at all.  Nor have I done any open-water swimming.  Sure, it'll be fine, I'll complete the race and all of that.  It's just weird timing!  

And of course, we say goodbye with a *BRAIN HUG*!

Workout or event you're looking forward to this weekend?

-I wanna knowwwwwwwwwwwww!

Did you run/Are you running today?

Anyone got some new reads?  Please share!:)


  1. My favorite snack right now is cherries. I'm obsessed with them!
    Good luck on your tri this weekend.

  2. Favorite snack lately has been fresh berries!

  3. i hope your tri is excellent this weekend! thanks for linking up!

  4. Another cherry vote. And of course chocolate when I can squeeze it in, which is not anywhere near as often as I'd like. Hummus & veggies. Greek yogurt mixed with chocolate protein powder topped with berries & granola. Banana soft serve.

    Good luck tomorrow!


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