Thursday, May 14, 2015

#TOLT: Rest Day Edition

Hello, Thursday!


My first thought for #ThinkingOutLoud?

1.  GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!  (I hardly ever overuse punctuation.  That's how stoked I am.)  Only THREE DAYS LEFT to enter to win some of my Fave Things!

Aren't I shameless?

2.  Two-A-Days are in full effect!  You can't tri train without having to do double-duty some days of the week.  In my case, it's almost most days of the week.  


And some days, I *forget* my lunch.  I'm lucky I live within walking distance to a spot where I can grab a quick bite.

 3.  I wanna say that it's been a while since I've expressed my love for this city.  So there you have it.

4.  My solo Spin the other night got extra cheesy.  I threw on the 90s Pop station on Pandora, and I got some great output.

5.  One (just one) of my paddles broke, soooooooooo that gave me an excuse to get some new ones.  

6.  I think I need this sign in my kitchen...?  

7.  Ready to run with the /R/iver /R/unners last night.  It was about 50*F and sunny out = my perfect running weather!

8.  We do work after we run.

9.  Need motivation?  Go here.:)

10.  Sole Mate Steph mentioned that the blog wasn't enough about her as of late.  So here she is, with all her post-hogging glory.


(I'm so kidding.  She's the best.)
OH MY GOSH -- Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Tell me what you're excited about for the weekend!

Who's racing this weekend?  Small race?  Big goals?
What's your workout today?  Wanna rest with me?

Random -- Wear socks to bed:  Yay or nay?
-Nooooooooooooope, and if I do, I eventually kick them off in my sleep.


  1. I've always loved that sign. it makes me happy every time!

  2. Chicago is totally the best city in the world, which is why I plan to spend more time in it this summer. Skinny Pop is the best. Thank goodness for giant Costco bags of it. And that sign is awesome. I think I also need it. Hope you're having a great week!

  3. I'm stealing that motivation for my workout recap of the week (don't worry I'll credit you!!) Love the pic of Chicago's beautiful! And I'm the same as you- if I wear socks to bed they're off by the time I wake up. I hate that feeling. Happy Friday eve!

  4. Wow on your 2-a-day workouts!!! I really admire your motivation! LOVE the rest days. =D Some folks complain about tapering when training for marathons, but I love it, hehe. Chicago has the most gorgeous skyline ever - I can never get tired looking at it. I need to get one of those signs for my kitchen, too!

  5. I love the picture of the runner! Oh no… I never wear socks in bed. I think my feet would feel like they were in prison. :D No, I'm not racing. This year is an off racing year for me. Maybe, eventually I'll sign up for one. I'm just enjoying running for the fun of it. I did a 3-4 mile run today.


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