Monday, May 25, 2015

RAIN OR SHINE - Bike the Drive 2015

Let's start the new week with some Marvelous!

Harry and I + Adam and Teri did Bike the Drive yesterday morning.  Rain or shine, it was happening.

And for some reason, I wore a sleeveless jersey.  The only reason I can think of as to why I chose this was because I thought the sun was going to come out from behind the clouds.

But that never happened.

I didn't really mind riding in the rain all that much, especially when we don't have to worry about vehicle traffic.  Adam, Teri and I took off, while Harry hung back.  His right shoulder has been bugging him for a couple of days, so he planned on taking it easy on the ride.

We were pretty much drenched about twenty minutes into the ride.  I don't think that any of us really cared; if anything, it made the ride more enjoyable.

The rain stopped for a little while, and we slowed down a bit.  This gave me a chance to snap some pictures.  Hey, pretty.:)

Oh my gooses, I love that I live here.  I'm never over it.

We all met back up at Teri and Adam's, then went to get breaky at one of their favorite spots in their neighborhood.  After 30.5 miles, we were all pretty much going to dominate any food in front of us, but this place was

And the moment I saw "Nutella" on the menu, I just HAD TO HAVE IT.  My Delighful Crepes.<3

The rest of our Sunday ---------------------------> Being lazy.  Seriously.  We watched "The Simpsons", I napped, we had leftover pizza for dinner, and that was about it.

It feels nice to do that every once in a while.:)

Meanwhile, in Texas...


Many lakes and creeks are flooding, especially in Austin.  Please keep them in your happy thoughts.
Have you ever been to an event like Bike the Drive?  Local peeps -- Have YOU Biked the drive?

Have you ever cycled in the rain?

Favorite breaky item?

Have you ever lived or visited a place where they had extreme weather changes?


  1. Baby first pump--but you prevailed! I want to do BTD, but as we all know, I have no bike... But maybe I will get one before we leave Chicago, and then we can spend all day together!!!

  2. Too bad about the rain but it looks like you still had fun. I don't bike outside but as you know how been looking forward to doing so indoors. Have you done the Late Night Bike Ride? That one is fun too!

    1. I haven't heard of that one, but I have heard of the Naked Ride. o.O

  3. I was actually in Chicago for the weekend and bummed that it rained on Sunday too, especially when Saturday was so nice out!!! Great job with the bike ride and getting it done through the rain! Awesome pictures too!


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