Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thinking Thursday Things

Because we think more things on Thursdays?  I dunno.  Makes sense to me.

Thanks, as always, to the beautiful Amanda for the link-up!

Some things are from my Wednesday.  Some things are from who knows...there's really no rhyme or reason to this, right?

1.  Swimming with music = my new fave thing.  I received one of those nifty waterproof iPod Shuffles from Underwater Audio the other day, and COULD NOT wait to use it!  I think I need to mess around with the earbuds and the other headphones a bit to see what the best placement is for them, but I definitely enjoyed jammin' out to Jay-Z while 'stylin' down the tiles.

2.  Since I am always ravenous after I swim, I wanted something seriously filling for breaky.  Did someone say GOUDA?!

Side note:  Omggggggggggggggg I love love love love gouda!

3.  I've been on the best kick ever about making sure to include as many colors on my plate as possible.  

Behold:  Tiff'sPlate.

4.  More of a question, rather than a thing:  Why do I always look so creepy when I'm posing with coffee?


Check here for more from the Gluten Free Museum.

d’apr├Ęs Walt Disney

6.  Track last night = TAKEN OVER.

A pondering Hobbit.

 At least it was gorgeous and warm out!

We retreated to the trails, which I <3 because there are some decent inclines.  

7.  It was worth this.

8.  I NEED (NEEEEEEEEEEED) this shirt!

9.  The number nine makes me feel musical.  If you wanna hear the BEST SONG EVER COMPOSED, then gently press play.:)

10.  We get to see Sophs this weekend, which means weirdness should ensue.

Today is my Friday (well, sorta).  Are you off tomorrow?  

Going along with the above question:  Any Easter plans?


Ever swim with music?  Love or don't love the idea?


  1. I've never done it, but I LOVE the idea of swimming with music! That being said... I haven't really swam in a swimming pool since I was about... 10 years old? Lol. It's been a while, for sure. And I'll probably be heading ove to my parents for Easter dinner and going over there on Saturday to help my mom with the cooking!

  2. I work from home on Fridays, so it almost feels like a day off. I can actually do things and hang out with my dog! It's so nice!

    I just downloaded the new Modest Mouse CD, and I 'm loving the song "Lampshades on Fire". Great spring song..very peppy and nice!

  3. I am loving spotify right now. So a great deal of new loves! Have an amazing time with the Sophster :D

  4. Is it actually an iPod? I had no idea the shuffles were waterproof! Frankly, I think all electronics should at least be water resistant, but that's not often the case. I like the idea of swimming with tunes.

  5. My husband said to me once, "why would ANYONE put BROCCOLI in ANYTHING!"

    ummm, Cuz it's AWESOME!


  6. Not sure if this helps, but clip the iPod to the back of your goggles, when you put the ear buds in, put them under the goggle straps, then pull your cap over your ears (helps keep them in place.)

  7. I've heard all great things about swimming with music and I totally dig when the water aerobic ladies are jamming in the pool. I NEED one of those gizmos! Wasn't it glorious yesterday? Ah spring finally!

  8. I've always said that the reason I don't like swimming is because you can't listen to music so this is so cool! I'm alllll about the food from Starbucks. It's so delicious but I will admit it doesn't fill me up much :/ but again, so delicious! So it all balances out :) Have a great weekend!


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