Friday, April 3, 2015

Keeping It SHORT

I'm pretty sure that I'm the only teacher in Chicago who didn't take off for Good Friday!  But that's okay because I have a TON OF STUFF TO DO.  I don't have nay classes to teach, no kiddos to work with, a P.E. closet full of equipment that needs to be cleaned, and all of the Old School Rap that I care to jam out to all the livelong day.  Come 3:00pm, it's my first Spring Break as a teacher!

Also, FYI:  I have a ton of time to stalk you guys today.:P


  1. I'm wearing shorts. thus in keeping with the theme. Go and make bad decisions.

  2. Hope you have a great spring break :)))

  3. Enjoy!!! Our spring break was 2 weeks I'm spending my weekend recovering from the shock to my system! After a week off working again is painful!! #TeacherProblems

  4. How is Spring Break coming along for you?

  5. How is your Spring Break coming along?


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