Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Snapshots: Kinda Sick, Art, and BRINNER

Good morning.:)

So, I got home Friday afternoon and realized that our WiFi was out.  *le sigh*  I got an appointment for the guy to come out for Sunday afternoon, so that left me slightly bummed -- no blogging.  :\  That won't stop me from telling you what I did this weekend, though!  Also, there are more pictures than I'd ever admit to actually taking note of.  Like, a lot of pictures.

 Training-wise:  Nada.  I woke up Saturday morning and was completely wiped, let alone completely congested and slightly wheezing.  Gross moment ahead ---->  I blew my nose and the color of my snot was an alarming shade of yellow.  Body and mind both voted *nope* to going for the long run, so I chilled (and pouted) while Harry was out on his 12-miler.

Once Harry was done with his run and re-fueled, we head off to pick up Sophs.  We already planned out an awesome activity for this day:  The Art Institute of Chicago!

Sophs took along her iPod Touch to take pictures, which warmed Harry's heart.

We came across an exhibit called Pénétrable de Chicago. Sophs thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Sophia suggested that we move over to the Modern Art wing.  Who were we to argue?

Harry showing Sophs how to check out the information on each piece of art.  She was particularly interested in sculptures.  She <3s rocks.

We head to the grocery store afterward, and then home for dinner.  But it wasn't dinner...Sophs requested BRINNER.  Here she is, taking a walk on the snow side.

Brinner is served:  French toast sticks.  Nom nom nom...

Sophs is working on her Karate Black Belt, and therefore must do 5,000 push-ups, 5,000 squats, 5,000 sit-ups, and 5,000 jumping jacks by September.  Her goal is to complete 65 each day, so she rocked out a little workout after (her very sugary) dinner.

I'm surprised she didn't hurl.

I joined her for her 65 push-ups.  I thought it was super-freaking-awesome that a seven year-old was rocking all of this whining!

Then she insisted that I do 20 extra push-ups with her on my back.  She only weighs about 53 lbs.  *le sigh*

I was beat, and my throat was starting to hurt.  I tossed back some NyQuil and hugged both of my favorite people goodnight.  I slept pretty well, and woke up feeling a little better, but I still wanted to rest.

Sunday afternoon consisted of more art, some good tunes, and the re-opening of the Josi's Frozen Yogurt around the corner!  WOOOT!

Um, hello, Girl Scout Cookies.  Fancy meeting you here.<3


Josi's closed for the winter, and promised to return March 1st.  Glory, glory.

Needless to say, Soph burned off some of the sugar by running home, in the snow, losing her mind, running around the house, making hilarious noises, making scary noises, and running around more.  When told that running wasn't allowed in the house, she scooted her feet very quickly, which made me laugh, which made her do it more.  Win some, lose some.

Thanks to Erin @ Her Heratland Soul for the Weekend Snapshots link-up!

Tell me about your weekend snapshot! What's the best thing that happened?

What's the last thing you bought that was blue?

Do you *risk it* when you're feeling a bit under the weather, or do you train through it?
-I go by the rule of *feeling sick from the throat up = you're good to go; feeling sick from the throat down = rest!*


  1. I"m definitely an "in your chest, get some rest" person. If it is in you head--sometimes the run helps! I hope you feel better soon though! Soph is so hilarious. It is just amazing the amount of energy that little kids have ALL THE FREAKING TIME


      CONGRATS again on such a superb performance, my darling! I can't wait to read the re-cap!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Yes, I run when I'm feeling under the's kind of a test to see how sick I really am. 90% of the time, I'm not as sick as I thought.

    FYI (I get this question a lot in my clinic) the color of your boogers means nothing! Yellow,'s all just cells being shed along with your mucus. Hope that helps! Feel better! :)

    1. That's incredibly interesting, and I'm going to tell my mother that right this very instant!<3

  3. Is that a terrible towel I see? I'm a huge steelers fan so that got me so happy!

  4. I SO hate when the wi-fi is down. Bummer. Looks like you had a blast at the museum though! Your desserts look yummy!

    1. We were thisclose to going back again after dropping off Sophs. Dead.Serious.

  5. So sorry your WiFi was down and that you were sick!! That's no good,especially when they happen at the same time! The Chicago museum of art looks amazing! Good for you and Sophs on the pushups!! YAY!

    1. Everything ended up being great, and that's all that matters, right?

      But not really. What matters is that we got froyo.:)

  6. So great to see ice cream places opening for spring! One can dream, right? Looks like a fun weekend despite being under the weather. Hope you' headed it off and are feeling better! I thought you were gonna say Sophie needed 5k pushups/squats per DAY. Yowza!


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