Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Trick

I was talking with another teacher at school, and she asked how I was adjusting to the weather patterns of the Chi (even though Chicago and parts of South Texas are experiencing similar temperatures!).  I mentioned that it's not so much the weather, but the time that the sun is down.

Google says --


Wow.  It's no wonder why I feel like my life has been robbed from me past a certain hour of the day.  MY LIFE, I tell you!  I know that the struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is, so real.  I'm working on revamping "SAD" into "HAPPY" somehow, though.  "HA At Pretty People Yawning"?

Back to the drawing board.


Uh...from The Chi-Athlete's Instagram.  Follow me HERE.

My "Veggies Goal" continues successfully!  I wonder if I can make a photo [blog] streak out of this.

I nearly had an impromptu speed workout during my run yesterday, thanks to this guy.  I probably scared him, coming to a dead stop at the intersection to snap this picture.  He probably knows he's important, though.

I'm glad I didn't get speedy during the run.  I did the Body Works (plus abs!) Thursday evening, and there were a LOT of squats done.  My biggest fear about weight-lifting and strength training is the DOMS that comes with it, and how that will affect my run.  The soreness did come, but not until later yesterday afternoon.  You see, sometimes the trick is to run before training; your body might still feel a little heavy or stiff, but it'll be better than the 24-48 hours directly after the strength training workout.  Luckily, I run in the morning, and will be doing mostly body weight training in the evening.

I'm not new to the world of strength training (I used to be a bodybuilder), and I'm sure a lot of other runners aren't, either.  However, for myself, I know that I need to develop a program that will make sense for the sport for which I'm training.  Here's a great article that will spell out the basics, gives awesome, accurate info, and offers some strength training plans and scheduling tips for runners!

It's not necessarily an "off-season" for me; I don't regularly train in cycles that way.  However, it's a good time for me to incorporate strength and weight training while my mileage builds back up.

Side note:  Is it a good or bad thing that I have the local burger joint's phone number stored in my phone?

Do you run and lift?  What does your schedule look like?

Help me turn "SAD" into a "HAPPY" acronym...pleaaaaaaaaaaaase!

Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?
-I'm waiting just a little while longer.:)

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  1. I do run and lift. I let it slide during the peak of marathon training, but in short I just alternate the days, and do squats and legs on a light running day so that I have enough time to recuperate after.


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