Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Get So Excited About Grocery Shopping

Me, when someone says "Costco" or "Trader Joe's" (or even "TJ's").

But first, how my day started:

Some Instagram love to my girl, BusyBod.  She is a FANTASTIC Yogi!

I ran around the park a few times, and counted about 40 new trees being planted in the very near future.

Hooray for more Oxygen!

After getting home, having a quick shower and some breaky, Harry and I went to pick up Sophia.  She had the flu this past week, and I think she's still recovering from it a bit.:(  We had an empty fridge some errands to run, and a very sleepy Sophs was okay with going...with some incentives.

I.e. pushing the buggy.  I couldn't find any kiddos ones at this TJs.  Booooooooooo.

Picking out things she wanted...that made sense, of course.

Getting to try new things...with chocolate...

And a bit of Christmas shopping (I shop early!).

A grumpy churro at the Costco, and then we were off!

Our goods from the TJs...oh my gooses.

I devoured 2/3 of the bag already.

Harry convinced me that this was a "gift" set.  A "gift" for us.


Sophs works on a sticker system for good behavior, being helpful, and basically being a cool kid.  We implemented this about a year + a few months ago, and have been consistent with her rewards.  If she says that she would like something that she sees at the store or on TV (because Spongebob is on the regular here!), we figure out how many stickers she can earn to get it.  

This time, she chose an Orbeez toy.  Orbeez = squishy, little banes of my existence, and Sophs chose a toy that actually picks them up, so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Some XBox 360 funsies.

Harry got in on the funsies...I have a video, but I won't share it...yet...

While Sophia fought going to rest (we could tell because she was on that fifth wind of hyper), I gave in very early and hit the sack.  Before I went to bed, I looked outside my bedroom window and saw snow...everywhere.  When did that happen?!  Now I get to go run in it!  Have a restful, peaceful Sunday, y'all!
Do you get stoked about grocery shopping at certain places?

IMPORTANT:  Favorite tune/song as of late?

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT:  Any races or athletic events/accomplishments to report?  I wanna know!


  1. I love TJs. I don't get there often because it's not nearby and that's probably a good thing. I keep humming "Shake it up" and I had a 15K PR last weekend.

  2. What a fun day! I really wish there was a Trader Joe's near me!! I always see such awesome food finds from there around the bloggespher lol like Cookie Butter! Yes please! :)

    1. Oh you gotta try it sometime! Anytime! Also, their apple cider is some Heavenly stuff.

  3. All grocery shopping, all the time. I used to go everyday on my way back from the barn. I have a problem.

    1. We really do need to go for a ride soon. I'll be sooooooo rusty, but it'd be so fun.:)


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