Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Feel Taller

Last week, FitApproach and Amplified Pilates treated me to a Pilates session.  I used to teach Mat Pilates, and I have never used equipment, with the exception of resistance bands.  This was a fitness adventure, for sure!  Angela, my instructor and Amplified Pilates founder, greeted me at the door, asked me to sign in, and since it was my first time there, I had to fill out a small bit of paperwork.  What I noticed about this paperwork was that it wasn't filled with the ordinary questions.  They are interested in what other sports or activities in which you're involved.  I was asked to rate certain criteria on level of importance, including things like weight loss, feeling sore the next day (I do miss DOMS so much, but this got a 4 or 5 on a level of 10, I think), and questions regarding my use of Pilates for other sports (YES!).  I always find it impressive when a fitness enthusiast, gym, club, or private exercise studio is open-minded about other sports and exercises and how their specific area of expertise can affect it; it shows the utmost professionalism to me.  Amplified Pilates seemed to cater to every physical and fitness need, as designated by YOU.  Of course, all injuries should be reported and discussed with your instructor; I'm confident that the staff at Amplified would accommodate to your needs.

Onto the class!

They look like torture machines, huh?

Angela  proved to be extremely resourceful, informative, and very attentive to my needs, as well as the other clients in the class. She was very hands-on (which I LOVE...yes, PLEASE move me to the spot in which I need to be!), and gave constant and consistent feedback to all of the clients in the class.  We did a variety of classic moves on the machines, working legs and arms, independently, laterally, and any which way you could think.  Her direction was very diverse (it bugs me when instructors use the same words over and over again) and precise.  We did several sets, then would move onto a different plane of movement or the exercise, and sometimes combine the exercises.  I was thrilled with the variety!

After the session, I felt taller, like my core and head were *straight*, my shoulders were naturally sitting back and down, and my hips felt more adjusted.  I love, love, love what Pilates does for my body -- it feels like such a natural head-to-toe alignment.  The equipment made a HUGE difference!  Having the springs and resistance to work against when doing those exercises doesn't necessarily mean that it feels more difficult, but seems to have a more lasting effect than Mat Pilates.  

Sorry, no action shots!  I was very focused, as were the other patrons, and Angela during the class.  I didn't want to disrupt the practice just for one picture.  Not to mention, I was enjoying myself too much to think about it.:)

One of my biggest "YAYs!" to private exercise studios/gyms is when they are accommodating.  I need a shower!  I need a place to store my stuff.  This place had it all, and I even mentioned that the shower was a huge selling point for me.  Then, like a total geek, I started taking pictures of everything.

Amplified Pilates provided a CLEAN space.  I bet there wasn't a speck of dirt or dust anywhere to be found.  This makes me feel very comfortable, especially when you're doing an exercise that requires bare feet.

Check out their website!  They have an array of classes spread throughout the week, information about the instructors, and offer specials regularly! Take a glance at their current specials HERE.

Also, holy-conveniently-located, Batman!  Although it's street parking, I had no problems finding a spot.

With a Dunkin' Donuts AND a Starbucks right next door, no one has any excuse to not jump out of bed, get their Pilates on, and take off from the studio to work or school.

And this Starbucks looked like an Apple store to me.  Wha...?

As far as other Wednesday stuff...
Some Instagram love!

Suz really knows how to rock a teaser.  Here's her bloggie post if you can't stand it any longer.

What I'm about to go run in -- time to bundle!

And well...yeah...

Happy Wednesday, friends!
Do you or have you done Pilates?  Equipment or mat?

What do you look for in a private exercise studio?

Chicago friends:  Are you ready to say "goodbye" to Fall already?


  1. You should try Trainology too! They are in the same building.I wrote a recap of my time there yesterday.

    This weather in Chicago is not fun. Total is bitter cold. Tomorrow mornings run is going to be tons of fun on the lake shore path ha!

    1. I wish I knew of a way to join you. Maybe some day! Then we can have our teeth-chattering ESPN (duh-nuh-nuh) conversations. Oh, I long for that. :)

  2. Haha, I'm happy that my Brian as a Badass Unicorn pic got you ;) And I'm am getting so into reformer pilates. My problem is that I am so strong (I know, I'm badass) from marathon training that I don't always feel like I'm getting enough of a challenge. I went to Reform Chicago yesterday and loved the class, I just need to find a way to amp it up. Maybe I'll try AMPlified pilates! PS I don't know if you are interested, but Class Pass right now is offering $50 off your first month with a referral. Here is "my" link (Obviously no pressure, but I am looooving it!)

    1. Oh yes, I should still be challenging! Running obviously challenges muscles from head to toe, and sometimes you have to work extra hard to work your core. My core is a damn machine, and while I wasn't sore, I felt other parts (hips and shoulders) being loosened and strengthened.

      I will have to check out the Class Pass!


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