Friday, November 21, 2014

Dear Santa: My Training Wish List

Yesterday was the best day for the second graders in P.E.:  Parachute Day.  FYI:  Teamwork, group organization, and cooperation are things that you learned on Parachute Day.

SPAGHETTI PARTY!  My friend, Terri (half of the best Newlyweds of 2014!), came over for dinner last night.  It was AWE--SOME to have some time with her, sans the guys.  Terri's hubby, Adam, and Harry have been besties since they were kids, so they pretty much dominate the conversation when we double-date.  She told me about all of the wonderful things they got to do on their honeymoon.  *le swoon*

As she was telling me all about her exciting, yet relaxing and invigorating, trip, I ran around making us some dinner.

I made so much food for just the two of us.  We barely finished half of what I plated!

It was the perfect way to end my Thursday!
*le sigh*  Runners:  We want all kinds of RUNNING things for Christmas.  It's just too bad that all the things I think would make my running experience funner (yeah, that's a word) are expensive as all getout, hah!  Luckily, my birthday is in late January; far enough away from Christmas, and close enough to tax return season.  I WIN AT PRESENTS!

1.  Garmin Forerunner 220.  I bug anyone I see with one of these.  I used to have a Garmin Forerunner 305, which was perfect for triathlon, since it was multi-sport friendly.  However, the batteries went deadsies, and I replaced it with a Forerunner 10, which has been fine...just fine.:)

THIS, however, wow.

2.  Wireless headphones, because when you're wearing three layers, it sucks having to re-route your headphones!

3.  Speaking of layers...


SmartWool socks...any of them.

4.  I desperately need a new suit.  Nike or Speedo are my way to go.

Rainbow Weave Tie Back - Speedo Endurance Lite - SPEEDO  - Speedo USA Swimwear

5.  More headbands.  I have the one that I religiously wear, and I'd love a new one!  I stalked this one on RunningWarehouse.

Not hats, because #ponytailproblems.

P.S. Have you seen the new RunningWarehouse website?  FANCY!

P.P.S.  Anyone doing a Turkey Trot next week?

P.P.P.S.  Anyone traveling for Thanksgiving?  It's going to be NUTS.
Do you have a letter in to Santa yet?  What's on your list?

Do you have #ponytailproblems?  
-Not even the ponytail hoodies can help me!

IT'S FRIDAY!  Big plans for the weekend?
-I'm going to Kohl's!  BIG PLANS!


  1. That meal looks delicious!

    So I know it isn't Nike but last night I picked up a vest from Target that looks pretty similar to the Nike one. I haven't tested it out on a run yet but as soon as I do I will let you know. The price point is nice too!

  2. I'm travelling for tgiving and it is going to be a sport unto itself, that is for sure. I should dress accordingly. I need a new running vest--I have a great one for everyday wear, but I just retired my running on. And the thought of getting into a pool right now makes me feel.... like I have all week.
    And you are so right. Parachute day was always the best day.

  3. Oh, for a new Garmin! I've had mine for 4 years now. The band is literally held together with scotch tape that I keep reapplying. It also shorts out and stops if it gets too rainy (or if I get too sweaty, ha!). I kind of love the idea of a vest for running this winter, that Nike one looks awesome.

    1. Sounds like Santa needs to treat both you and I to some new, dazzling running bling, my friend!

  4. Parachute day is THE BEST!!
    And I am loving that running vest! I really should get myself one! (I love the wireless headphones too, but probably couldn't talk myself into those). ;)

  5. Parachute day used to be my fav in school! I love all the things on your wish list...very similar to mine since I live in the tundra of Upstate NY. I need a GPS watch too and I just bought that headband for my sister for Christmas. Too funny!

  6. No ponytail so no #ponytailprobs for me. ;-) That suit is fantastic. I love my smartwool socks and definitely need more! I just shared my list today that overlaps a bit with yours. ;-)


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