Sunday, September 21, 2014

Marathon Training: Week XV [A 5K PR and Bring On the Taper]

This got done this morning!  What a fun event!  Harry and I were literally the last two to cross the START line, but that was okay.  I had a great time running with the Kid.:)

Afterward, we got some free flippy floppies!

And a ride back to my Jeep.  <3

Seeing this gave me the willies.

And a finisher's shirt.:)

After grabbing some coffee on the way home, showering, and taking a little nap, my Daddio and I head out for some errands, then picked up Harry for some grub.  This burger = mine.

Peanut butter + bacon on a burger = OH MY GAH.
Week Fifteen Wrap-Up

Monday - 45 minutes spin class
Tuesday - 9.22 miles, that ended up rather quick
Wednesday - 45 minutes of Yoga in the morning; 5.01 easy miles with the /R/iver /R/unners
Thursday - .5 mile warm-up; 5K PR!  Old Town Oktoberfest 5K

Does anyone else do silly things like this?

Friday - REST, as advised by Harry.
Saturday - 3.18 easy miles
Sunday - 20.43 long run miles @ CARA Ready to Run 20-Miler

41.44 miles for the week.
So yeah, a solid week!  Not that many miles, but the week included a race and my third 20-miler.  I'm happy with it, and 95% of my training up to this point.  And now...sweet, sweet taper!


  1. Congrats on the 5K PR!

    And PB, Bacon, and a Burger? I would never have thought of such a combo. But I can't knock it because I love love love PB so I am sure it was great. I will have to try that place out sometime soon!

    1. Thank you! The PB isn't as overwhelming as you might think; it's perfectly grainy, which gives it a chance to attach itself to the burger and bun. Nom nom nom...

  2. Congrats on your PR AND your 20 miler! What a week!

    Btw that shirt is super cute. I've done that Ready to Run a couple of times, and the shirt was always BUTT UGLY. As in, I wear it to bed, haha.


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