Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marathon Training: Week Quince [And I'm Not 16 Anymore]

Seriously.  SERIOUSLY.

I have a marathon to run in two weeks.  Unfortunately for me (but not really all that unfortunate), this is all that I have been able to truly concentrate on.

I PR'd a 5K and ran my last 20-miler last week.  My body wanted sleep, so I gave it sleep.  Other than a lack of training, there has been a lack of blogging.  Again, I'm sorry, friends.  You understand, I'm sure, but once the marathon is over, I will have more time to chime in and stalk all of you once more!

My volleyball team (I'm finally a real Coach!) had their first practices and games this past week, as well.  So I had (good) distractions, which is my only excuse for have only running 30 miles this week.:)  I missed spin, as well as Yoga, too.  I will somehow find the balance that I had before, where comfort in my new job and the "umph" to ease in training comes easily.  LUCKILY, I have only two weeks until the Chicago Marathon.  That means less miles, and with all of the new stuff going on, less time to stress over it.

 So a couple of 'hood runs, as Fall graces Chicago.

People who get this excited about Halloween make my life.

Sophs and Grace came over for the weekend, and we had an opportunity to hit up Sky Zone for some trampoline funsies.  Sophia has the class pet (Gigi the Giraffe) this weekend, so she tagged along for some bouncy fun.

And photobombing.

Harry got in on the action, too!

After jumping for nearly an hour, I realized that I'm not young anymore.  I was a cheerleader in high school, and tumbled A LOT.  I twisted and flipped in ways that I haven't done in a LONG time yesterday.  I'm not achy today, but just forgetting how to move my body in the same manner made me feel a little old.  Booooo.

Chipotle for dinner...I was STARVING.  Apparently Gigi was, too.

Heading back home, we HAD TO STOP at Josi's!

Fall edition froyo!

Week Sixteen Wrap-Up

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 5.04 easy miles
Wednesday - 4 easy miles
Thursday - REST
Friday - REST
Saturday - 15.25 long run miles
Sunday - 6.09 easy miles

30.38 miles for the week.  I'm tapering, right?:P

So two more weeks.  I'm going to be working on nutrition and hydration during this time.  I'm grateful for making it through several tough weeks, and feel like things will go well on race day!


  1. Cannot believe there are just 2 weeks left! Excited for you! Yay for fall fro-yo!

  2. Espresso fro-yo?! That's worth leaving the couch for.

    I love that the giraffe also enjoys Chipotle. But I mean, how could you not. It's the greatest.


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