Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thinking Out Loud [As of Late]

Thank you to the beautiful Amanda for hosting! 

For the past couple of days, I have been introduced to every teacher and administrator at my new school.  We've gone over long presentations regarding evaluations and school procedures.  You see, this is my very first job as a district teacher.  Every other minute or so, I say a prayer, thanking God that I've been blessed with this opportunity.  :)  I'm in such awe that I've finally reached the professional position I've been longing for for so very long!  The trade-off is that I haven't had much time or even foresight to blog.  I'm sure that I'll be able to prioritize my time better quickly, but until then, I might be blogging in a spotty pattern.  <3 However, I will forever THINK OUT LOUD!

1.  I <3 coffee and donut dates with Harry.  

2.  I still can't believe I live in this city.  I am always in awe over small things, even if it's a training ride on the Lakefront Trail.

Marked buoys for open water swimmers near Ohio Street Beach.  Also, I wanted to jump in the lake...for real.  It was HOT, even on the bike.

3.  Harry took me to the first Mexican food place that I approve of in Chicago.  Not that I've been to many Mexican restaurants here yet, but the others I've been to haven't been all that fantastic.  This place is just down the street from us, too...bonus.

4.  My contact lenses are custom-made (my eyesight pretty much stinks), and all six of the month-long disposable lenses have torn in my eyeball in the past two weeks.  I have to wear my glasses for about two weeks until some new ones get here.  BOOOOOO!  Alas, it's either that, or I walk around with my right eye closed...looking like a pirate... #FirstWorldProblems

5.  SWOOB is real, even outside of training.  :\

6.  I'm 99% sure that we haven't changed the channel on any of the TVs in our house since this happened.  Harry may have changed the front room TV to watch some soccer, but probably switched it back.

7.  My new view going to work.  I used to drive away from the city, and now I get to drive right through it!  MORE AWE!

8.  I NEED NEW WORK CLOTHES.  As a P.E. teacher, that means I get to go to a sporting goods store for new threads.  FUNSIES!

9.  A VERY pretty song to run to:

I'm waiting until it's cold out to run to it again.  <3

10.  And speaking of running, my first 20-miler of marathon training is this Saturday!  This used to be a bittersweet event for me, but I'm excited and very hopeful for this one!

Hooray for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  And since my blogging has been so spotty lately, it's so much more sporadic, work and training-based than usual.  Thanks for reading, Friends!


  1. Rock the 20 miles and enjoy the run! Chicago is my second all time favorite city. Second to San Francisco. Torn contacts? I've been having a huge problem with every contact tearing. The culprit? Dry eyes!

  2. I'm so jealous of everyone who lives close enough to the city to run/bike/whatever the LFT on a regular basis. I'm about 45 minutes away from downtown in no traffic, so I pretty much only get up to the LFT for races. Enjoy the heck out of that view! And good luck with your 20 miler this weekend!

  3. Lindsay Sterling is AMAZEballs. Get her new CD, Shatter Me. I got it a few weeks ago and it's perfect for long runs. Have a great 20 miler!

  4. It was so nice to meet you last night! My TV is also stuck on The Simpsons, although it is allowed to be changed for acceptable sporting events (meaning football).

  5. Being a PE teacher sounds like a great job. Have fun running your 20 miler!

  6. I live in Chicago, too :) I love running on the lakefront. That view never gets old. Good luck on your 20-miler!


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