Saturday, August 30, 2014

People Keep Giving Me Food

Thursday was my (NEW) district's P.E. professional development day, where all of the P.E. teachers come together to go through many different training events, informative classes, and games.:)

Some perks of the day:

Some see traffic -- Some see a gorgeous view of downtown Chi.  I think I get excited about seeing this every day because I used to drive away from it every day for work.  It's a sight that makes me smile so big...I can't believe I live, AND NOW WORK, here!

What Harry referred to as "Job SWAG"!

A DELICIOUS (and free) lunch!

 And games.  So many games!  To us, this is the real meaning of Professional Development.

As you can see, we have a good time!  I thought about my Kinfolk (Kin = Family = Kinesiology majors, if you will) that I went to college with, and felt a little sad that I wasn't experiencing this with any of them.  So many people knew each other from college, from different classes, made inside jokes about professors and other former classmates.  I don't mean to whine; this just made me a little homesick.  I just reminded myself of how blessed I was to be here, with all of these happy Kines people, all sharing these new, fun experiences!

Yesterday morning's run (7) was kind of spooky, haha!  I haven't run down this street in the dark, so I was a little weary.  I felt fine after a couple of miles.  I'm not even sure why I was concerned; it's very well-lit, and the early rises are friendly.  There was one part of the sidewalk that was completely ripped up.  Woaw.

My first kolaczki!  At least I thought that's what the teacher who brought them said.  Or I think.  (Totally chime in if you know what this buttery dream is!)  The teachers at my school are already poking at me for what I bring to eat for lunch, or even the fact that I do bring a lunch.:P

For lunch, the Assistant Principal bought all of us some tacos!  NOMMMMMMMMM NOM NOM!

I just finished up my 20-miler (hooray, first one of the marathon training is donesies!), so I'm going to relax for the rest of this Saturday.  I wanted to leave you with this...because it's presh.  

Have a fantastic three-day weekend!


  1. That food looks delicious! :D I've been maximizing on free food opportunities as well; it saves so much money! :P

  2. Hey, I was a Kinesiology major tooooooo! (But my emphasis was in preventative and rehabilitative exericse science, not PE. Seriously. My diploma says that.)

  3. Yum- all that food is making me hungry! I bet you want to eat all the food now that you're done with your 20 miler :)


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