Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Takin' It Way Back [And Food Pyramids]

Early, early this morning on the Facebook:

A little bit later (an hour) this morning.  Yet another tune that I will never apologize for rocking out!

Yeah, dead battery, so I took a picture of my watch so I wouldn't forget what to put into DailyMile.  HA.  Very easy-paced, and I only had to tell myself to slow down roughly 1,000 times.

Some driving home tunes.  Uhhhh...pretty!  This one is going on my Yoga mix!

And then there was this.  It gave me a really good giggle.

And seriously about the "Whatever is closest" sometimes. Some weeks, Harry and I are notorious about ordering out, when we have meals planned, but have trained and are starving.  We've been a lot better about ordering out since marathon training started for both of us, but we are tempted to order out probably 95% of the time.  Wednesdays are always a given to eat out, post-run with the crew.  We usually have a pizza night, and I just stocked up on some Ben & Jerry's.  I've only gotten into my ice cream once this week; that must be some kind of record.

I'm going to attend tonight's speedwork session with the /R/iver /R/unners, but I will not be running (that'd be a little nuts).  I plan on taking extra lovely pictures as the fellas work it out on the track!
Runners and all other endurance athletes:  Agree or disagree with the Food Pyramid?:)

When do you like to run?
-Without a shadow of a doubt, I am a morning runner!

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
-I can never give an answer to this.  Well, I can never give just one answer.  I have to give like ten.  :\


  1. I just read an article on Billboard about how the Civil Wars broke up. Sad day. Those 2 were amazing together. Have you heard their Billie Jean cover? Amazing.

    1. Yes! Harry may or may not have been trolling me when he told me that they broke up because of the dude's wife? Hm.

      YES! And the "Disarm" cover! Oh my gooses. It, too, is on my Yoga playlist. <3

  2. Oh noes, the dead Garmin is the worst! I have a hard time going slow enough on my easy runs, too. I tell myself to slow down and 30 seconds later I'm running faster than I should again. I'm definitely a morning runner--it helps to have the routine so I don't have to decide when I want to get in my run. (The runs actually get done that way.) I totally agree with eating whatever's closest. When you get hungry after a run, you just need calories and you need them now!

    1. Seriously! I cannot be relied upon to run in the afternoon, unless it's the running group with which Harry and I train. And the only reason why that works is because A.) the reliability of others, and B.) We go out for beer and burgers afterward. :D

  3. A) morning b) I will never pick just one. I think of ice cream like Pokemon. Gotta catch em all.
    And that pyramid is hilarious. I would take out the goo and the donuts and replace both with ice cream. And the cheesy triangle things I would make cereal and oats. Things I can't pronounce would be veg. So, I'[m actually doing pretty well, in my opinion :D


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