Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Will Never Apologize

" it fall already?  It was just snowing two months ago..."  My Texas brain is confused by the recent drop in temps.  *le shrug*  I have been very, very pleased with the weather this week!  Every run has included so many "thank yous" for the gorgeous, crisp feeling on my skin, the cool air filling my lungs, and my feet happy to fly through the thin air.

Clearly, my feet aren't the only things that fly.  Weeeeee, ponytail.

Track night with the /R/iver /R/unners.  I took my new PRO Compression socks out for a spin.  I have plenty of other pictures from this very special meetup, in which I will show later.  ;)

Friday, I treated myself to a run along the Lakefront.  Sometimes you gotta spoil yourself.

I chugged this entire bottle of water when I was under 30 seconds.
*Side note*  I'm not one to drink from plastic bottles.  I have my water bottle that I drink from (I daresay "religiously").  I knew I'd be out and about, and probably wouldn't be able to re-fill my water bottle (which doesn't happen all that often), so I nabbed a bottle from mine and Harry's *emergency* stash.  I immediately threw it in the recycle bin on the path.  :)


My before and after.  I down a 24 fl. oz. bottle (my *religious* water bottle) of water + the Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator before runs the past few days.  I can't describe right away the feeling I get after drinking it and then heading out for my run; I'm refreshed, I have running energy, I feel comfortable, even in the sun.  Post-long run, I threw some of the Recovery Accelerator into a smoothie blend.  DEE-LISH!  I made one for Harry once he got back from his 16-miler, as well.  The Kid usually doesn't enjoy anything other than water and a cup of coffee after his runs, so I was honored that he wanted to try this.

(Yeah, I'm easily honored.)

This morning's long run was scored by some pretty fantastic tunes.  Toward the end of the run, "Eye of the Tiger" came on my iPod.  I will never, ever, ever apologize for being cliche and getting pumped over this song.  Like, ever.  My feet, my legs, my torso, shoulders and arms fall into a perfectly synced rhythm.  Is it because I am reminded of our favorite Italian Stallion?  Probably.  I sort of grew up watching those movies.

One last thing for this beautiful Saturday....#truestory.  From my favorite Yoga joint in Austin:

How's your training going?  
-This could be ANYTHING, not just running!

What's your "go-to" song?  You know, the one that comes on your iPod and you want to move, move, move!

Favorite fruit?
-Mine has to be bananas.  I also love mangoes.  I'll be in big trouble when they cross-pollinate the two and make banangoes.  o.O


  1. I love love the Vega Recovery Accelerator! It really makes a difference after long runs. Eye of the Tiger and Life is a Highway...I'm not apologizing for loving them both for running :)

  2. I will never apologize for just about any song that comes up from itunes. Genie in a Bottle, Hit Me Baby, Everybody (Backstreets Back), if it came out when I was in 5th grade-junior high, I will rock the ish out of it. I've got some other great one on there too. OOoooo Say My Name is another good one. And I know all the words to all of them. THANKS MTV!

  3. NEVER apologize for anything Rocky related. If you do, I will unfriend you so fast.....

    Just kidding

    not. really.


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