Sunday, June 1, 2014

My First ZOOMA Training Run [And A No Chocolate Streak]

Happy June, y'all!

First and foremost, why don't you join me in the June #ZOOMAPHOTOADAY challenge?

And check out the goods!

Here's mine for today (Day 1:  Sun)

Me and some of the Ambassadors from ZOOMA Chicago met up yesterday at Universal Sole for a training run.  Since I've taken off most of the week from running because of some wonky knee pain, I was kind of excited to get going on the Lakefront Trail!

Becky (@ Olives 'n Wine) and I took off in front of the group.  We immediately started conversing about the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and what our plans were for it.  I will be running it for the third time, and this will be Becky's first time running it!

Thanks for the pic, Becky!

I never get tired of the view, or the diversity of amazing views, in this city.  This place is just the most fantastic in my book.

TEAMWORK (while I take pictures...)!

We finished up back at the store and realized that it was about 80 degrees out.  YIKES.  I knew it was warm, but the wind kept the temperature tolerable.  There were plenty of refreshments afterward.  <3

It was so great meeting some of the ladies!  We're an awesome group of Ambassadors, that's for sure!  :)

We picked up Sophia a little bit later, then dropped her right off at her Grandma's.  Sophs is always so excited to see her.  Harry and I hung out at home, not really sure what to do with ourselves, until Sophs was dropped off later in the evening.

Bath time and some snuggle and TV time, then she was off to bed.

I got another short run done this morning.  My knee didn't hurt; it felt fine, but it felt like it was...aware...of it being there?  I don't know how to explain this.  I think I'm being paranoid.  I listened to some calming music to ensure an easy pace.

Once I got back to the house and had some coffee, did some blogging and just some fiddle-fartin' around, we all got ready to go to the Josi's Frozen Yogurt grand opening!  They were handing out free FROYO to the first 20 customers, and we had a good shot of us being eligible for that when we live right around the corner for it!  11:00am...BREAKFAST DESSERT!

Harry and I have decided that, for the interest in our waistlines in going into marathon training, to swear off chocolate.  I mean wow.  :O  I can't have it until October?!  I think I can do it.  Jot it down on your calenders, folks...June 1st - October 12th (the day of the marathon...I can give in then!) = NO CHOCOLATE FOR ME.  Sooooooo, we got our froyo, sans the *good stuff*.

Some kite-flying happened after the immense amount of sugar Sophia put into her face.

And then some climbing!

We just dropped off the booger, got some errands done, and now are relaxing until we meet up with some friends to watch the Blackhawks (GAME SEVEN!).  Have a beautiful evening, friends!

Do you have a favorite FROYO flavor?  What about toppings?
-Turns out, fruit and nuts aren't that bad.  :P

Have you gone out and flown a kite recently?

Have you ever sworn off certain foods for the sake of your training or health?  How'd it go?


  1. Sounds like fun was had by all at the ZOOMA run, I'm bummed I missed it!

    1. We'll be excited to see you at the next one, heart! :)


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