Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting Into Gear

Happy Wednesday, and happy National Running Day, y'all!  This is why I run!

How's your June going so far?  Mine has been pretty awesome!  Marathon training begins this Sunday, so I'm getting ready and following a pretty good training schedule this week.  Harry and I are also trying to stay on track with nutrition.

I had such a pretty ride Monday morning!

I have 45 minutes of spin or cycling on the schedule for Mondays, and no matter how late I stayed out Sunday night watching the Blackhawks play lose, I got my booty up and hit the trails.  It was about 75*F and very humid at wheels down at 6:00am, but it cooled down quite a bit toward the end of my ride about an hour later.

I started a lifeguard certification course on Monday, so I was in the pool for a short swim test (300 yards, two-minute treading, and a brick dive test), and A LOT of jumping into the pool.  :)  I love that I'll be able to help people in need for water emergencies, but I probably won't be looking for any lifeguard jobs anytime soon.  My students swim once a week, and it will make it easier on staff if I'm able to lifeguard.

We've been in the pool every day, so I've omitted my morning swims (two this week).

I did an out and back yesterday morning, just three miles.  My legs felt a bit tired, perhaps from the ride on Monday.  I'm hoping that I can combat this a bit with some easier runs between speedwork and long runs.  And after swimming for nearly three hours yesterday, I was D-O-N-E training for the day!

I got up this morning and got some Yoga/Pilates done at the gym.  I have reason to believe that the wonkiness in my knee is due to IT band tightness, so I'll be working extra hard on hip-opening poses, twists, and corework during marathon training.  So much stretching needs to take place!

Harry and I will join the /R/iver /R/unners tonight to celebrate National Running Day.  The rest of this week should go just as smoothly.  I think I'm going to start recording my weekly mileage and pacing here on the bloggie, so I can review and log how I felt during the week.  :)

I'm off to pick up Harry from the train station so we can go run with the team!  I leave you with this...a Chicago bunny.

How's your training going?  Are you reaching goals or are you facing any challenges at the moment?

Are you celebrating National Running Day today?

Any travel plans coming up?  Where are we going?!  :)


  1. Where on gods green earth...did you find green earth??? I'm getting a little tandem attachment and tagging along next time. You think that I'm joking ;)
    We did major hamstring work in yoga on Monday, and it was just what I needed, though it kicked my a$$ after my longest run in a long time that morning (also straight into Chicago headwind. Thanks. NOT). But thank goodness for it--I can't imagine what shape I would have been in the next day without it!
    And I've seen bunnies around here, too! By Northwestern and in Millennium park, so random!

  2. I start marathon training in two Sundays!! Woot! And I start my CPR training July 17. Then hopefully get my personal trainer cert by the end of July. Hooray for helping people! Great swims. I really need to swim more.


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