Sunday, May 25, 2014

Run or Dye 5K [A Colorful Race Report]

Yesterday was the B E S T !

Harry and I got Sophs Friday afternoon, rather than on Saturday.  We had a special event to rock out:  The Chicago Run or Dye 5K!  Sophia has done several fun runs and a couple of obstacle courses, but this was her very first 5K.  

After having our pasta party (for carb-loading) and some froyo from the shop around the corner, we hit the sack EARLY.  Sophs was so excited, not a whimper came from her regarding the early bedtime.  We woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning and met up with Harry's Auntie Kim and his sister, Kayla.

Soph wanted to attack this at every angle, including taking along some hydration on the run.  I offered her my Ultimate Direction Handy 10 handheld.  It was perfect size for her.

A (mostly) before picture.  We had thrown the blue powder dye that came in the race packets all over each other!

We met up with Kim's friend and her family (sweetest family ever!) and all lined up with the crowd to enter the course.  Everyone seemed extremely entertained by the race announcers and crew!

The countdown began, and we took off!  Sophia was DETERMINED to OWN this 5K!  She and Kayla were so ready for each dye station.  Harry and I noticed how effortless Kayla's stride was.  She might need to start running with me soon.  :)

Side note:  I was a super smartie and put my phone in a plastic baggie so it wouldn't get dye all over it.

We zig zagged around the course for a little bit until we got to the first dye station.  Each station provided a different color, and some of the funnest volunteers I've ever encountered.  They were all SO happy to be out there, cheering people on, and throwing color dye all over them!

I loved taking these pictures of Harry and Sophs running together.  <3

Several minutes later, we were upon the pink station.  Sophs and Kayla had the brilliant idea of making PINK ANGELS.


 We were probably around two miles when Kim ran up with us.  Sophs and Kayla were still going strong with running/walking intervals.  One of Kim's friend's kiddos TOOK OFF, sprinting like a bat out of hell!  Harry took off after him, Kayla and Kim ran together, and I was given the opportunity to take one of my favorite pictures ever.

Check out that kid in the moment!

Sophs and I finally met back up with Harry and walked for the rest of the course.  We made it through all of the dye stations, and came up to the very last one.  Sophs had apparently had enough and wanted yellow ALL OVER Harry.

We ran through the finish line and over to the after party.  Good music, plenty of pumped kids, and they were throwing out MORE dye packets!  FUN!

The aftermath.

I know for sure that everyone there had the most amazing time ever.  It was a fantastic experience for Kayla and for Sophs, and for Harry to share with his daughter!

And then can you believe that we had no shame and went into a restaurant to have a sit-down brunch?  HAHA.  Kim had suggested the Southern Belle's Pancake House.  With a name like that, how could I (or anyone else, for that matter) say no?!

We got home later and no one was allowed to sit down or touch anything, haha.  Sophs took a shaving cream bath (she's such a sensory kid!), and it was my turn to jump in the shower.  There were colors where the sun don't shine!  <3  We ended up saving the bib and headband Sophia was rocking during the race to keep here for potential frame opportunities, along with my favorite picture up there.

All in all a glorious day with the Booger and my Mr. Wonderful!  

A special 'thank you' to Run or Dye for allowing me to blog this experience for them and to share the fun times with my family and friends!  I was provided race entry, and all of the opinions contained within this post are mine.


  1. Tiffany, thanks for sharing your experience. Looks like you had a ton of fun. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has made "angels" at the dye stations:)

  2. Haha yall are ANIMALS!! When we were walking through Grant/Millennium park on Saturday we saw some colorful people, of both the Color Run and the came-by-it-honestly variety--gotta love Chicago. So glad that you all had such a great time! What a great family event, and I love that Sophia was all over that hydration--you've got her trained well :D have a great day!

  3. Glad you all had a lot of fun!!


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