Monday, May 26, 2014

Chicago Bike the Drive 2014

Howdy and happy Memorial Day!  

I wanted to show you guys some of the thousands amazing pictures I took yesterday during Bike the Drive, an event where Active Transportation Alliance shuts down Lake Shore Drive for cyclists from all over!  Harry and I couldn't remember why we didn't do this event last year, but I had just moved in, so I'm sure we were swamped with other activities.  :)  Regardless, I'm definitely tickled that I got to experience this!

Parking wasn't horrible.  Period.  We parked about two blocks away from the starting point, and you can't beat that in the Chi.

Since Lake Shore Drive is shut down completely, you can get on just about anywhere as a cyclist on the morning of this event, starting around 5:30am.  I suspect that many century and Ironman riders got here very early to train the full 30 miles as many times as they needed.  Harry and I, on the other hand, slept in and got to the event about two and a half hours before it was shut down.  :D

We headed South on the Drive, and hit up the turnaround after about seven miles.  I got some great shots along the way.

Don't worry:  Harry and I were going very slow.

Here's the turnaround point, where they provided a rest area with light snacks, refreshments, and bike mechanics.  We didn't stop, but looped around and headed back North.


My Bike the Drive selfie.  You can see Harry in my sunglasses, haha!

We passed the starting point and continued heading North.  Harry really wanted me to see the hill that went down toward Oak Street Beach.  This picture does it no justice whatsoever for the "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" factor!  You cannot get this experience or this view on the lakefront trail.

We followed the 'S' curve, and hit up the first exit we could find to loop back around.  They had started shutting down various exits on the North side, and we still had to get back up that hill.  Not to mention, Harry and I hadn't really trained for this event.  I figured it was only 20 to 30 miles, and that my booty could handle it.  Harry's tooshie, on the other hand, isn't as used to the saddle as mine.

Heading back South toward the hill, and the starting point where the after party was, woot woot!

We finished right around 19.50 miles.  We really could've gone the full 30, but without any training on our leggies or bums over the harsh winter, we kept the distance and pace down.  Plus, we just wanted to enjoy this!

We walked thorough the festivities, and to be honest, we didn't plan this out very well.  We could've valeted our bikes, instead of walking around with them, and I could've brought different shoes, rather than walking around in my clips.  We checked things out and decided that we wanted to find someplace to nom and re-fuel.

Upon doing a search for "wonuts", Harry found a spot less than a mile away from where we were parked downtown.  Waffles Cafe looked like just the thing we needed, especially considering we got a primetime parking spot right in front of it, and there was less than a five-minute wait (ON THE SUNDAY MORNING OF A HUGE EVENT, AND A HOLIDAY WEEKEND!).  Sign, much?

After getting home, taking a nap, and just hanging out with the Kid, we decided we would end our day with some Josi's Frozen Yogurt.  Gah.  I don't think we'll ever get sick of this place.

As you can see, I was having a severe chocolate attack.  Side note:  Harry got basically the same thing as I did.

So yeah, it was a pretty fantastic day!  I had a wonderful time at the Bike the Drive and we plan on making it just a bit further next year.  ;)


  1. Um. How rude. You were a block away from me and I hear NOTHING??? Just rude. I was going to meet Gabi from Lean Green Island Girl and do some of BTD but we ended up having friends come in and they left just around that time. We should have taken them to Waffles! I approve of your selections, and so glad that you had a great time!

    1. I'M THE WORST! >:O You and I need to coordinate, gosh dangit. <3

  2. The weather this year was nothing short of amazing for this event. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. It was so perfect out! And even though I slathered myself in sunscreen, I got a nice little glowy tan. :) That never happened in Texas!


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