Sunday, April 6, 2014

So It's Been a Few Days...

Last-last Friday afternoon, I came home and realized our internet was out.  It wasn't until this past Thursday that it was able to come back on.  First World Problems, y'all.  I couldn't exactly blog from work...that'd be wrong...!  Right?  :\ Although I did get my Giveaway winner post squared away (because that HAD to happen!) last Tuesday.  :)

At any rate, of course I've been running.  The weather is warming up, which means no more bulky layers and perhaps some speedwork can be accomplished!  I've really started to embrace the trails near where I work in the suburbs.  Hills, rollers...ahhhh, they feel good on my hips.  While upping my mileage, I really need to concentrate on getting my stretching and Yoga done.  No rushing.  From what I can tell, I'm pretty susceptible to succumbing to Plantar Fasciitis, so I really gotta concentrate on cross-training and stretching.

Yesterday was a particularly busy day for us.  Harry and I took off yesterday morning for an easy-peasy three miler through the park about a mile from our house.  I feel horrible for driving somewhere to run, but we had planned to end the run near the park for a coffee date.

 It's beginning to look a lot like Spriiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing...
(Although, it's actually seemed more like Autumn to me...derp.)

Seagulls.  Seriously?  Those aren't even real bodies of water!

We ended our run here at Portage Grounds.  Harry treated me to some delicious coffee and a cinnamon roll...which I inhaled demolished ate before taking a picture.

Next stop for the day was to visit some friends.  I haven't met their baby boy yet, and he's already five months old!  He's HUGE...he looks like a one year-old!  These two are probably the most hospitable people I've ever met, and I'm from the South, for crying out loud.  Suzie had all of the bases covered, so I went empty-handed, which was a strange feeling for me.  Anyway, guac burgers and macaroni salad for me, and snuggling with baby boy nearly the entire time; seriously, I monopolized him.

Side note:  I might be going for a record of how many babies I can play with/hold/feed/love on.  I think I've posted about three or four babies since last month.

Next up:  A Chicago Fire soccer game!  Second row seats.  Ballin'.


It ended up being a tied game, with a failed PK attempt at the VERY END OF THE GAME.  In other news, Harry and I saw ourselves on TV highlights when we got home.  Haha.

Just one last stop.  Burgers for lunch weren't enough for us.  We needed more.  Leadbelly burgers for dinner!  This is my "House of the Rising Sun", because fried egg on a burger is always a good idea in my book.  Belly fries to side.  I could only eat half of my burger...omg.  Harry and I, on a really good, rare day, can down the burgers and fries, and a shake.  Each.  I don't know if I'm really proud or really embarrassed about that.

And everyone gets a cookie with their meal.  I clearly took a bite out of mine before I realized that I needed to snap a photo of it.  I don't regret that moment.

So no Sophia this weekend, but I can't wait to see her next weekend!  We only have fun!  We had our first dance party last weekend, and I had a flashback of my own childhood.  Random cartwheels, creative body movements, and Toni the Pony was a prop at some point.


Are you injury-prone?  What do you do to prevent it?

Yogi friends:  Have you heard about the #SpringFeverYogis April challenge?  Get some!

Do you like going to sporting events?
Basketball is my fave...GO SPURS GO!  :)

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  1. Looks like you had SUCH a nice weekend! I'm super jealous of all of those burgers though.....guac burgers and Leadbelly sound faaaaantastic :) Also you are right that baby looks so much older than he is!


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