Saturday, March 1, 2014

First Day of Four Challenges [Also, I'm an Overachiever Beaver]

Challenge one:  FitFluential's 100 March Miles -- CHECK!

It was so pretty out this morning.  It had snowed about an inch, so there was nice, crunchy snow to cover up all of the yucky ice on the sidewalks.  I took curves and corners VERY easily, and tried not to make sudden changes in direction.  It's hard to do that when cars run through stop signs, but I did my best and didn't fall on my butt.  

This run felt absolutely effortless.  I don't recall one moment where I wanted to stop (although I did need to a couple of times...darn red lights); and even though I did, I savored the moment.  I didn't do the hop or dance around the corner, and I didn't redirect my run around the block to keep the run going.  I just rested.  I kept my pace super easy, and just enjoyed my surroundings!  


The #ZOOMAPhotoADay Challenge for today was to take a picture that signified "Happiness".  This is all I could think of, even with a wonderful and eventful afternoon with the Sophs!  Just me, the snow, and a run.  Happiness.  :)

Challenge two:  #ZOOMAPhotoADay Challenge -- CHECK!

Challenge three:  #SweathappywithYoga Challenge -- CHECK!

A fun afternoon of strolling around downtown and ice skating with Harry and Sophs, no challenge necessary -- CHECK.

Challenge four:  All that's left now is to read my Bible for 30 minutes for the #JoyceMeyer 3030 Challenge, which I will do in a little while before I go to bed.  Day one's in the books, and it's already a blast!  

I'm off to watch a movie with Sophia, so y'all have a wonderful Saturday evening!

Are you involved in any challenges this month?  Did you start things off on the right foot for the month?


  1. Great pics! I'm glad you were able to get outside for a run!

    1. Gah, you and me both, missy. I can't wait until Spring! :)

  2. Ohhh that's pretty cool you read Joyce Meyer's books! I have read Battlefield of the Mind and I couldn't agree more on that topic. Also, the snow looks marvelous. I live in LA where it's sunny most of the time and although I appreciate the mild weather here, sometimes I wouldn't mind an inch of snow. It looks so refreshing!!! :)

    1. oooooooo beautiful weather, I'm sure! I enjoy having seasons, though this is a bit much. Haha!


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