Monday, June 26, 2017

I've faced tougher times...

True story:  This is the third time I've written this post.  Blogger must be hungry.🙅

The past month has been the busiest I have been in a looooong time.  There was something, or several things, each and every single day (even weekends).  We're talking grades, coordinating track and field and soccer events and teams for my Network, lesson plans, Field Day, fundraising event, Sophia, my own [grad] classes, end of school year stuff, and puppy contracts.

The below picture is a wonderful visual representation of how I've been dealing with all of it.  Stressed, exhausted, confused, ignoring simple things (i.e. plucking my eyebrows or getting my hair taken care of), and barely holding it together.  Bottom line:  I haven't been taking care of myself.  My WHOLE self.

But whatever.  There's a cute Husky sleeping in the background.

P.S.  Don't worry:  I did put on makeup when I had to be around other humans.  I trust that you won't take offense that I didn't gussy up for this.

The self-care part is the trickiest, but it's also the most meaningful:  I haven't been taking care of myself in several ways, including training consistently.   I have always been an athlete.  Not always a runner, but always someone who enjoyed the snot out of happy endorphins.  Somehow, fitness and all things health-related went straight to the back burner when times got really tough.

 I have been inconsistent in training since...well...last year.  I miss taking care of my FIT self.  Skipping a workout before this injury was 95% out of the question; if I missed a training sesh, it was because I was sick or needed more rest.  I made time to train before exams, finals, work, meetings...everything!  I needed it, and nothing kept me from my joy.

Unfortunately for me, I have fallen out of the habit of attaining my joy.

Can I still run?  Yes (still thankful for every stride!).  Can I still ride?  Yes.  Lift?  Yoga?  Yes and yes. But do I lately?  No.  My motivation button seems to have been jammed.  I'm facing tough times in terms of my health and not maintaining it like I always have.

What I need to do at this very moment is to remember that I've faced tougher running being taken from me...

I know what I need to do, and I'll go into that in another post.  What I have actively done is sign up for my first half marathon for 2017!  No worries -- I'm not out to PR, especially in the shape I'm currently in, going into training for that distance.  I'm all signed up for the Haunted Hustle in Madison, Wisconsin, set to go off October 21st.  Wanna come run with?!:)

Again, I'm not going to go HAM on this race.  I'll set a goal once I'm closer to race day, but for now, I'm going to ease back into a regular training plan.  Really, the race itself is just an end result to getting my joy back.

After all's said and done, I'm just like anyone else, and if I've had it once before, I can get it back.

So here we go.  Tiffany's finally ready to take care of her whole (fit) self.  The fit life is where it's at, man.  And I'm ready for it to be one of my biggest priorities again.

Are you pumped with me, friend?  This one's for you, ya' effin' rock star!  Go kick ass this week!

Tell me about something that motivates you!  


  1. Congrats on signing up for the marathon! By the way, I totally relate to all this. Exercise has honestly always been hard for me. So I always have to push myself if I'm gonna get it done. FYI, as I type this, I'm sitting on my couch in my workout clothes. About to go to a class that will kick my butt and dreading it!

    1. LET'S GO! I'm off to the gym to rock out some spinning! Go get that, girl -- you will not dread it when you're done!<3


  3. Your post is amazing and just hits home, you are so strong! I can relate to every moment, stay strong!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words of encouragement, Julie! ROCK ON! <3

  4. I've always found signing up for a race is a great motivator and slump crusher. You're ready to take care of your FIT self, but don't forget about all of the self care your body and mind need. Keep us updated on your training.

    1. Absolutely, lady! And thank you for always being mindful of self-care!

  5. I feel you. This year has challenged me more than any other. I've been finding more joy lately and that is good. I hope you find yours.

  6. I hear ya! I was riding the high of everything being great up until March and then things started to fall apart. Picking myself back up over the past month and finding joy!

  7. Booo! I tried commenting earlier this week and the internet was hating on me so I guess it never went through. I feel ya on the inconsistent training, and I love your attitude--signing up for a race is a great way to get that motivation back! :] You can do it! <3 (+ I love that hedgehog, haha. Makes my day every time!)


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