Thursday, June 22, 2017

There's a burrito under that salad.

I might as well come back to blogging with a random post, right?

And random things definitely need to happen on Thursdays, right?


1.  I'm going to open with something that's not-so-random:  Meet our new fam member, Windy!

We adopted Windy (aka "Fuli") from a local Siberian Husky rescue (Raven's Husky Haven and Rescue), and she has fit right in to our home.  She's so sweet, curious, chill, fun, very athletic, easy going, and loves everyone.

Everyone, and especially Sophia.

It was love at first sight for them!

So now Sophia has a new partner-in-crime.

And I have a new running buddy.  Don't worry:  I'm very cognizant of weather/heat of the sidewalk, and would never put her or her paws in danger.  We've had mild mornings here in Chicago, and she has done very well with three-milers with me.  I'm not sure that I'll ask her to come with me much further than that, but we know she can definitely hit the 5K mark!:)  She handles perfectly on the leash -- I'm REALLY impressed!

2.  Second most important thing to me right now:  School's out for summer.<3<3<3

3.   Which means that many wonderful/hilarious things happened over the past two days.  Field Day being a coordinator for our district's sports administration, and the end of our Jump Rope for Heart event kept me very, very busy.  That included getting pied int he face by our top donator (the top six individual donators got to choose myself, work husband, our Principal or Assistant Principal, our Technology Coordinator, or our Dean of Students -- I was so happy that everyone was on board!).

She's lucky that she's one of my favorite students.:P

4.  I have to "trick myself" to eat salads.  I don't really appreciate the texture of leaves, so I'll mix salad stuffs in with whatever I'm having for lunch.  Case in point:  There's a burrito under that salad.  I'm one of those people that can mix food together, so every bite included a bit of a Southwest Amy's Burrito, and a bite of salad.  I get what I want, and what I need.

Side note:  Windy crosses her paws like a lady. 😂

5.   First #NetflixBinge of the summer break for me = The Biggest Loser on Hulu.  Talk about a throwback!  I started with season six; it was one of my faves back in the day.

P.S. I love Jillian.  I have always loved her, and will always love her.  She can do no wrong.

Have an awesome Thursday, y'all!  I'm off to stalk all of you like a mad woman.

Tell me what you're workout is today!
-MUAY THAI for me!  Yaaaay!

RANDOM:  What's your fave breakfast item?
-Eggs ---> sunny side-up for me, kthnx.

Do you run with your pup?  If so, how far do y'all go together?

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  1. YAY for a dog and Muay Thai! SO MANY DREAMS COMING TRUE FOR YOU


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