Saturday, September 13, 2014

Are My Tan Line Maintenance Days Over Already?

So I started my run this morning in capris and a long-sleeved wick'ing shirt.  46*F and very cloudy.  I even put on ear-warmer headband, since Harry informed that the "feels like" temperature was more like 34*F.  I'm happy I wore it.:)

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm getting over the sickies.  I know that taking the rest and time to relax as much as possible (when not bouncing around and playing games with about 400 children in my P.E. classes every day) and EATING has helped nurse me back to somewhere past 80% very quickly.  I let myself sleep in this morning, then left late to run.  It was perfect.  The first four miles were a very easy warm-up, then I decided to hit the gas a bit, finishing the last eight miles around goal marathon pace.  Today was the perfect day to try something like this out, too!  In fact, this entire week was perfect for how things went; being sick and whatnot, within a step back week.

Side note:  I'm obsessed with this song.

It looked like this most of the time; no lie.  Is summer over now?  I'm used to WAY more heat and humidity carrying over into this brisk, cool weather, but I ain't complaining!  I know that I'll have more days to wear shorts, but I'm beginning to think that it's going to be pants and capris for a long while pretty soon.<3

After I got home, I had exactly 15 minutes to shower up, shove some food in my face, and go pick up Sophia.  Harry was still out on his run, so I was going solo.  Sophs and I met up with him afterward at our new favorite neighborhood spot:  CHIPOTLE.

That's a lot of grub for three people.  We devoured it all!

Later, I had some work to do for school, so Harry and Sophs retreated to our bedroom to watch Spongebob and hang out.  I ran in there after a little while to get some snuggle time with the munchkin.

Dinner came suddenly...

And then DESSERT!  We haven't had Skookies in forever!  

I'm happy to say that I haven't felt yucky or sickies at all today, slight from a few sniffles and coughs.  I felt like I could've run much farther, especially at the pace I was going.  That's a SUPER great thing, considering where I'm at in marathon training.  Though the warmer weather is gone, and I won't be able to work on my goofy shorts tan lines, I"m so very stoked that Fall has come!
What is a real kick-in-the-tail workout that you've done recently?

What's the best race or event you've been in lately?

Any Fall shows coming on that you're excited about?

-"American Horror Story:  Freak Show", "Hell's Kitchen", and I just want to see Lolo Jones rock out DWTS (though I've never really watched it).

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