Sunday, June 22, 2014

Marathon Training: Week Deux

My Momma has been in town since Friday evening, and we haven't failed to entertain!  We got Sophs for a visit yesterday, so that was entertaining, in itself.  Momma got her several "sessies" (surprises), including a set of jacks.  Soph has never played it before!

After family visiting, a terrible storm, and Sophia requesting to stay the night (YAY!), we set off for our favorite dessert just around the corner.

You guessed it!  Josi's!

Heading back home -- Sophs attempting to cater to Momma G.

This morning, I scooted Harry and Sophs out the door, smooched my Momma on the cheek, and began my long run in the cloudy morning.  But it quickly turned to SUNNY!  Big time sunny!  I got to Welles Park and was slightly desperate for some water.  Of course, the water fountain was broken at the corner where I was stopped by a red light.  Ughhhhh!

I noticed a bit of fog as I was getting closer to the Lakefront.  It was slightly eerie...!

Before I knew it, I was looking straight into a cloud.  This foggy mist was so cool and felt so great after running in the sun for an hour.  I trotted up the Lakefront Trail a ways before I reached a clubhouse.  Hooorayyyy, water!   I gulped at the fountain for a bit, then took off again.  I wanted to enjoy the cool mist a bit longer, but I had to head back.

 Meanwhile, a couple of miles back toward home, it was bright and sunny.  I stayed in the shade for the most part, but of course was exposed to the sun.  There had to be a 10-15*F difference between here and the Lakefront.  Crazy.

I met up with my Momma at the City News Cafe in our neighborhood.  I must've looked super fried, since the kind gentleman at the cafe counter immediately offered me some ice water when I walked in.  Eep!  Of course, I graciously took it, then Momma treated me to a blueberry-pom smoothie.  It really hit the spot after a 12.6 mile run in the sun!


 A little over 30 miles for this week.  I don't think that I've run that many miles in a week in two years.  They were some pretty warm, muggy miles, too!  I had to remind myself several times that I've run in worse conditions in San Antonio, and even in the extreme that Chicago showed off with this past winter.  This week included running, with swimming and Yoga.

Week Two Wrap-Up:
Monday - REST
Tuesday - 4.1 easy miles
Wednesday - 45 minutes of Yoga, 5.05 Speedwork miles
Thursday - 1500 yards swimming
Friday - 3.11 easy miles, 60 minutes of Yoga
Saturday - 5.2 easy miles
Sunday - 12.6 long run miles

Just a really solid week.  I kept my easy runs slow; it's the only way I'll be able to safely put on mileage.  Here's to another successful, wonderful week!


  1. Horner Park, bound by Montrose/California/Irving Park/Chicago River has lots of water fountains that are turned on.

    1. I stopped there for my second water break! Thank goodness! ^_^

  2. Yes--solid week! The humidity has been tough but I agree the fog feels awesomely refreshing.


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