Saturday, June 21, 2014

Life Happenings [Mini Photo Dump]

Um.  I love Oprah.  A lot.  I also love coffee...a lot..., so Starbucks putting the two together (I haven't tried her Chai yet) makes me double-happy.

Back to work this week!  It has been C-R-A-Z-Y.  I see two kiddos at a time for thirty minutes for five hours straight.  It's more exhausting than I thought it would be!  I think by the time I get used it, it'll be the regular school year.  Hah:)  I don't really have any break during that span of time, so I am extra thankful for some of the teachers bringing me noms from their cooking group classes.

Track night with the /R/iver /R/unners Wednesday night!  We made a new friend, Eric @ This Hobbit Runs.(Go on, be jealous, fellow Chicago running bloggers!  :D)

The plan for the week was the same as the past two weeks.  While I'm a fan of diversity in my speedwork training, this was a great way for me to catch up with Stephanie (as she and Fearless Leader Greg had missed last week for vacation!).

It didn't look much different an hour later, but the thunder and lightning began just as we were finishing the run.  Talk about perfect timing!

Of course, we hit up Bad Dog Tavern for some $6.00 gourmet burgers and a couple of brews afterward.  Nom nom nom my Spicy Chihuahua Burger!

There was a ton of drama with my Momma coming up for a visit.  At first, we thought she was coming up on Friday.  She sent me this text on Wednesday.  Oh lol.  :)

Unfortunately, because of a ton of delays at the airport, she couldn't make it up until last night.  Booooooooooo!  But she made it, safe and sound, and enjoyed her first Chicago hot dog last night.  Pictures to come!

Yesterday was a super muggy, soupy, yucky run around the park.  I have never been so grateful that I was only running three miles in my life.  It's starting to get extra oogey in the mornings, but I am going to try reaaaaaaaally hard to not complain about it!

I was a server during college.  This is what I learned:  I can carry more of anything I ever thought possible.  When the Dunkin' Donuts folks ask if I need a cup holder, I giggle a little inside and shake my head.

I hit up a Yoga class for the first time since I've moved here.  It was really a great class, but I much prefer a more relaxing class than ├╝ber instructional (if you know what I mean).  One way or the other, my muscles got a good stretchin'!

I love our neighborhood.

That's all I got for today, haha!  MommaG is in town, and we're beginning our fun adventures today!

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  1. Have the best time with your mommy! The weather this week has been beyond annoying, in my opinion. Preach about it being muggy as all get out the other day, it was like walking through water. Bad Dog looks like a place Alex and I need to go. And I had a 14 miler this morning, so I need me some MEEAATT


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