Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marathon Training: Week Tres [They Can't All Be the Best]

Y-I-K-E-S!  I really didn't mean to ignore you all week!  My Momma has been here since last Friday, and blogging just went right onto the back burner.  You know how that goes, I'm sure!

It sure has been an eerie week, weather-wise.  Horrendous thunderstorms, fog, more fog, and murk.

Just about every time I ran, it was foggy, murky, soupy, soggy, and kinda strange.  It was a tad cooler earlier in the week, then progressively got warmer, then cooler, then HOT.  What the what?!  This was Tuesday morning, my shortest run of the week, in brand new kicks.

Regardless, I was the brightest thing out there every day.  :)

Wednesday morning was much of the same.  Creepy!

I'm convinced that I'm the laziest person on the planet when it comes to my hair.  It looks like straw.  Often.

Trying Side Crane pose for the first time.  My lats and tris were SO SORE the next day!

Harry took the day off Thursday and showed my Momma around downtown!  She absolutely loves fine art, and Harry will never miss an opportunity to hit up the Art Institute of Chicago.  I was bummed because I had to work, but met them as soon as I got outta there.

The weather was still doing its thing...fog-tastic.

Mom and I had some down time while waiting for Harry's 10K to begin, and while he was racing.  We kept ourselves busy with these.  :D

Harry, clearly zonked, before his race.

Harry, clearly killin' it, during his race.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand more fog.

The next day, I treated my Mom to a relaxing pedicure before she had to get on the plane and head back to Texas.  :(

Harry then picked up Sophs for a weekend visit...yes, the same day that my Mom left!  We took her with us to our friends' engagement party yesterday, where the theme was PB&J!  Needless to say, we weren't want for amazing noms and fantastic company!  I'll post these pictures tomorrow.  ;)  We dropped off Sophia, then hit up Ravinia to see Pat Green and Darius Rucker!  FUNSIES ALL AROUND, but I am BEAT!


Even though next week is a step back week, I feel like it was necessary to run only four times this week, totaling 25.25 miles.  My ego got a real bruisin' yesterday, my overall energy and stress levels have been maxed out, my girl parts started their thing today (sorry, fellas!), and I needed a "non-physical day" today.  It's okay to give in to things like this every once in a while, yes, even during marathon training.  Everything will be better, starting tomorrow.  :D

Week Three Wrap-Up:
Monday - REST
Tuesday - 3 easy miles
Wednesday - 6.01 easy miles
Thursday - 45 minutes of Yoga
Friday - 4.2 easy miles
Saturday - 12.02 long run miles
Sunday - Non-Physical Day

I refuse to end any blog post with a negative thought, so I gotta add this:

BuzzFeed never fails to amuse and entertain me.  :)

How about YOU?  How was your week, friend?

Do you ever race on weeknights?  
-Harry and I have a couple coming up!

Any big plans for this week?  ROCK IT OUT, is all I say!  


  1. The mileage looks pretty impressive to me! Hope you're feeling better soon. I haven't raced on a week night yet but I did complete a half marathon this weekend.

  2. You did great. Tell those negative thoughts to suck it. BECAUSE WE HAD SUNSHINE. And now it will rain. BUT WE HAD SUN. And side crow is boss.


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