Sunday, January 28, 2018

Beets and Gifts -- Weekly Wrap!

Random:  I am not entirely certain as to how Pandora stations are created; I'm assuming it's done by developers and program searches.  Regardless, huge shoutout to whomever created the Jock Jams station.


Remember in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" when Harry took the liquid luck and everything seemed to fall into place for him?  Yeah.  That was my Saturday.

P.S.  Yup.  I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd.  Need more proof?

I favor the books, in case you were wondering.

Windy and I went out for an early morning run, and not one single picture I took came out clear.  *le shrug*

It was 50*F -----> shorts weather, in January (!).   Four easy miles for us to start the day.

Breakfast was PERFECT.  Delicious carbs, delicious protein, delicious fat.

I had managed to run, eat a fantastic breaky (slowly, not in the car, at home, at the kitchen island, for once), and get out the door with enough time to get the car washed (!!!!!!) and grab coffee (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) before heading to work.  I am a P.E. Teacher during the week, and a district Sports Conference Commissioner on Saturdays.  It sounds so official, huh?  Really, I just have to make sure games are running on time, and that everything goes smoothly.  I often have to keep score sheets or boards.

It's a pretty good gig.  It does take up most of my Saturdays, as you can see.

I broke away from commissioning (lol) to grab some lunch at the best salad bar in a market (Mariano's!) ever.

The gang on Jillian Michaels' podcast had been discussing the terrific benefits of beets.  I had never tried them before, so I threw a few onto my salad.

And I wasn't mad about them, either.  I think the texture was manageably different for me, but they were definitely tasty.

Here's some nifty information I found!

I went back over to the school for a bit, then came home to Windy, Sophs and Harry, chillin' like a few villains.  I didn't get to see Sophs for my birthday last week, so she (and Windy) waited until this day to give me my present.  AND BOY HOWDY, am I happy about it!  I thanked them (and Harry), and wasted no time scheduling my appointment.

I hung out in bed for a while, finishing a couple of papers for school (not work; grad school).  Windy decided that she needed to be a part of this process.

The best thing ever happened while I was working -- Harry and Sophia took off to Piece Pizza to pick up the most delicious New Haven style 'za in the city.

After dominating several slices of the good stuff, Sophia and I had something very awesome to celebrate:

That was probably one of the best days in quite some time for me.  Everything seemed to line up perfectly, which really gave me feelings of happiness and healing.  I really appreciate days like this!

Also?  The whole gang got together to celebrate Fearless Leader Greg's birthday on Sunday.  It's been quite some time since we've all been together in the same spot!  We also welcomed our newest and youngest member of the group, Charlotte (middle, in the carseat;).

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 4.1 miles
Wednesday - Harry and I bailed on our evening run -- it happens
Thursday - 4.15 miles
Friday - 3.38 miles
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 10.37 long run miles (I dropped Windy off back at the house after 7.05 miles)

Windy miles = 22.7 miles
Tiffany miles = 26.02 miles

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for their weekly wrap link
Are you a Pandora listener?  Favorite station for running/training?  For chillin'?

Tell me about something new that you tried recently!  Did you like it?

Have you ever had a traditional Thai massage?  Tell me about it!


  1. I did not know Jillian Michaels had a podcast. I will have to look that up. I really like beets and only seem to put them on my salad at a salad bar.

    1. Oh yes, boo! She's had that podcast since 2011, I think. Check it out!

  2. Nice miles this week! Wasn't the weather fab? Until this morning...snow? What the what?

    I don't really like beets--they taste to me like dirt. But I eat them because I eat all the antiinflammatory things. I tuck them into smoothies and drown them in other stronger flavors.

  3. I love my Etta James radio for cooking and chilling and wine drinking and puzzle doing.... etc. :) For my garage workouts, I have my iPod. I need specific songs - can't deal with a mix. lol

    I've never heard of a Thai massage! If it's anything like the food, it might be intense. lol (PS. I like Thai food. So spicy!!)

    1. YES! I love Etta for baking! We should have an Etta party.:)

  4. As a kid, my Mom served beets heated from a can. Awful. I have added beet powder to different foods and it's not bad. Just RED. I listen to iHeart Radio; 70s Hits is a favorite, as is FunkyTown. I'm sure I'm telling my age with that. I love that you dog's name is Windy and she runs with you. Thanks for linking!

    1. Well daaaaang, boo. I guess you're like Wendy, having to hide the beet! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the linkup!

  5. Beets are delicious! So glad you like them! What a fun birthday gift! I'd totally be all about that one too!!

    1. I need some ideas on how to prepare the beets, but I love the idea of them being in a salad or smoothie!


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